Set Up Your First IVR System


You can set the first IVR system  without too many problems when choosing a provider of open source. Usually, these companies call these packages hosted IVR services and that means basically that handle all the technical improvements for you. Furthermore, these hosted services tend to be highly customizable and can be tailored specifically to the needs and services of your company. Features included commercial IVR packages usually are basic voice recognition and customer service options, navigating the phone’s menus and call routing.

This is what you need to do to configure the first voice response system:

First, think about the types of features you would like to see in the product. Even if you already have a vague idea of what you are looking for, take the time to work on creating a draft of your goals and expectations will do much to clarify what you have to do in order to make things happen. It will also help when you are talking to an IVR provider. You will be surprised how easy it is to lose sight of your goals when you hear the wide variety of features available with IVR!

Next, make sure the provider understands you want hosted voice response or open source. A lot of sellers and IVR market their products as “full service”, however what they are really offering is a system with lots of bells and whistles – not keeping hands off .

After you have attended, decide on what type of voice recognition you want. All voice IVR have a certain degree of speech recognition, if the system can only understand very specific and limited phrases or fed highly sophisticated artificial intelligence is up to you. Regardless of your decision, this choice must be done before you go live with the system and help you determine how you go about creating the next steps.

Look back at your notes brainstorming. Do your goals include anything about customer satisfaction? This is where your IVR will really shine if you take the time to describe your goals. If you decide to go with a lower quality IVR model, you have to create a list of all possible questions callers may have so that it can be programmed into the IVR. If you chose a model that works with artificial intelligence, the work is done. The smart IVR learn from previous customers and adapt to the needs of its customers.

Hope you do not put away those notes, however, is not! If your goals are in any way related to the productivity of reviewing your notes will help you out. For basic IVRs, you have to develop a hierarchy of expectations on navigation and routing phone calls. Why go through all that trouble? For starters, the basic IVR not know your goals. Besides that, your calls are going to get very aggravated if they have to press a million buttons to get to the correct department. However, if you decide to go the route of artificial intelligence, these IVR can integrate with your existing phone system for callers to their destination quickly and efficiently all without you even lifting a finger!