5 Reasons Why Voice Broadcasting is a good idea for your Retail marketing

Voice Broadcasting for Retail Marketing Campaign

Reaching out to a large consumer base can be tiresome, especially if you are a small business. Also, competing with huge, established internet giants can be very intimidating if you are not using the right tools! Or even worse, using outdated ones!

Voice Broadcasting can be the much-needed breath of fresh air your plateaued or slow retail sales need. But first, let’s take a look at why you should reach out.

Why reach out to customers?

It’s no secret today that even the most impulsive buyers need a nudge in the right direction from marketers. With increasing touchpoints and their growing complexities, marketers need to be more in tune with their customers. Here is where an increasing wave of next-gen marketers are differentiating themselves from their peers by being more empathetic to their clients.

What we are getting at is that you have three good reasons to reach out to your consumers.

1. Give a gentle nudge, so leads buy, subscribe, or, in general, perform the desired action you like.

2. If you don’t reach out, your competitor will.

3. Reaching Out to consumers regularly is proven to increase client turnouts and footfall.

How to Reach out to Attract More Retailers?

Retailers are a finicky bunch and a very vast demographic. Moreover, with numerous options available to them, retailers can be a tricky bunch to attract. No matter what demographic or segment they fall under, reaching out with the right channel will entice more retailers. Below are a few of the long list of channels you can use to increase your reach.

Email Marketing Campaign

Beefing up your email campaigns is a must for any retail store in this day and age. Sending a regular email newsletter with new offers, or mails showcasing your merchandise boost up your presence. Easy to use free tools are readily available to run a successful campaign.

Another great use of Email is to give incentives along with e-bills to keep the clients coming back again and again.

Voice Broadcasting

The phone is the next current frontier! Voice broadcasting is the best tool to leverage this arena, with scheduled calls simultaneously to hundreds of customers at the same time. Call and play an empathetic audio file with all the leads with this easy to use the tool.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media can be a great medium to showcase your merchandise and stock to rope in shoppers. Social media can also be a cool platform for brand engagement. We recommend having twitter presence if you are into B2B sales, while Facebook is a must for B2C brands.

Our Verdict

Voice Broadcasting should be one of your go-to mediums for reaching out to your clients. Of course, we are not telling you to abandon other mediums, but if you select one single channel, go with the versatile Voice Broadcasting. We have listed down five reasons why we are so confident in Voice Broadcasting service.

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5 Benefits of Voice Broadcasting to Attract Retailers.

1) Ease and Versatility

With voice broadcasting, you can “call” all your customers at once and “broadcast” your message. Apart from the massive scale of contacting all your customers at once, it is relatively easy to deploy. This ease makes it one of the most versatile tools on your belt.

2) Announcements and Promotions

Gearing up for a big event or running a fantastic discount sale? Want the world to know? Broadcast it!!!

Let me explain this with an example of a Retailer who is in sunny California. He owns an outdoor merchandise store. He wanted to showcase the spring merchandise for his next big sale!

He tried Voice Broadcast for that, and Voice Broadcasting allowed him to reach all his 3k+ customers with a single call and enable the customers to cash in discounts with a single press of a button.

What about people who did not pick up? The system dropped a voicemail directly into the machine and answered calls.

3) Enhanced Communications

As a salesperson, one of the most annoying things is answering the same questions from multiple prospects. We feel you, it can really be a frustrating knowledge gap between you and your customer.

Voice Broadcast can easily bridge that knowledge gap without taking much time. A guided press 1 campaign can do wonders at answering the most frequent questions. Also, the press 1 campaign can easily connect an agent to resolve the unsolved queries.

4) Built for Everyone

Businesses come in varied sizes and shapes. You may be a marketing firm with 100+ employees or a mom and pop shop with a staff of two. Voice Broadcasting in business is scalable enough at every stage and size of it. Moreover, it is affordable (a crucial parameter) enough for every business.

5) Personalized

One of the most crucial learnings of the past decade in marketing was understanding personalization. The pure human emotion evoked by an intimate channel is hard to achieve in other channels. The voice approach adds a human touch to your campaign.


Voice Broadcasting is a go-to channel for your campaign. Depending on the service provider, the features may vary. Also, the real-time analytics and post-campaign detailed reports are a huge perk for any retailer.

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