6 Reasons to adopt Tele Town Hall Meetings

What is Tele Town Hall Meetings

Nailing your PR efforts is crucial to driving results and growth.

Organizing regular meetings with all your supporters is a tested method to boost your PR efforts and public perception. With evolving lifestyles, the way you approach people also must be changed. Telephone TownHall is the way today to capture all the benefits of TownHall with none of its adverse effects.

What is Tele Town Hall?

Tele TownHall or Telephone Town Hall meeting is a service that allows you to reach sparsely spread user base simultaneously with a live Telephone call.

A Telephone Town Hall meeting works by sending a personalized pre-recorded message that invites the recipient to transfer to a live conference with a press of a button. Once in the live discussion, the audience can ask queries real-time by pressing designated buttons, and the host can filter in the right questions to air live.

The ability to control the flow of discussion is what sets apart a Telephone Town Hall meeting from regular Town Hall meetings. Another excellent feature option a Tele Town Hall is the default invite-only nature of it, only connect with people who matter!

Tele Town Hall today is not limited to just to political campaigns but to every sector that conducts a live meeting. Although Telephone Town Hall meetings are known for their amazing results in political campaigns, independent businesses, non-profits, fundraising, and many more sectors are steadily adopting Tele Town Hall meetings.

Why use Telephone Town Hall?

Tele Town Hall is built to ease the interaction between a gracious host and enthusiastic listeners by reducing the strain on both the ends. We have compiled a list of reasons why Tele Town Hall is a good idea for you.

  • No traffic hassles
  • The audience only pays with their time for the period of your meeting
  • Your audience is not faced with a choice to pick one between your session and other personal commitments
  • Guide the flow at your convenience
  • Have an audio file to analyze your effectiveness
  • Measure all your metrics with LeadsRain’s custom generated reports.

LeadsRain’s Tele Town Hall

LeadsRain’s Voice Broadcasting and Predictive Dialer services provide you with the best features needed to conduct your own personal Tele Town Hall meeting. We are one of the Telephone Town Hall vendors with our blended approach and customizable plans.

We make outbound calls to all the leads provided by you and connect them to a single conference line — filter in voter lines to only those that are approved. Our Predictive Dialer API also allows you to answer live questions with a two-way ability where only the designated speaker can speak, while the rest are on mute. Our Predictive Dialer API allows the audience can also ask for permission to air their queries in real-time.

Moreover, our smart services are capable of filtering out calls that are not answered by humans, i.e., filter out answering machines and voicemails. Our Dialer system also has features to drop pre-recorded messages directly into the screened out device to leverage even those leads.

Our API also allows you to conduct live polling after the session ends, making it very easy to have a market survey or a poll of favor directly. With our very competitive Tele Town Hall pricing, now every campaigner can conduct Tele Town Hall meetings with few resources. In other words, Get the biggest Bang for your buck with our services.

Backed by robust infrastructure, our services are configured to function smoothly and connect thousands of calls simultaneously.

A Tele Town Hall meeting can be the difference between a winning candidate and a losing candidate. Allow us to improve your odds, contact us today.