Ready-To-Use Voicemail Scripts For Medicare Lead Generation

Ready-To-Use Voicemail Scripts For Medicare Lead Generation

If you sell Medicare, your growth depends on the quality and number of leads you can generate at any given time.

The trouble is that finding qualified leads has become increasingly challenging. According to one report, 51% of sales reps struggle with lead generation, which is likely also valid for you and your agents.

If you are looking for low-cost quality Medicare leads to grow your client base, increase residual commission and earn referrals, it’s time to do something different. We suggest trying ringless voicemail drops that are effective at generating interest and getting you the leads you need.

Consider the fact that 97% of all cold calls go to voicemails. Unlike old emails and missed calls, people actually want to know who left them a voicemail and take the time to listen to the messages, increasing your chances of getting them to respond.

This article walks you through effective voicemail script techniques, mistakes you should avoid, and some ready-to-use templates to help get more clients and grow your business.

6 Effective Voicemail Techniques For Medicare Lead Generation

Here are six viable suggestions for using voicemail scripts for Medicare lead generation to help you stay on a prospective client’s radar:

1. Keep It Concise

Always keep voicemails concise. Prospects don’t want to spend their valuable time listening to you rattling off the same pitch or your offerings’ benefits and features.

For effective results, limit your message between 20-30 seconds. That’s the perfect time slot to share relevant information without annoying your prospects or sounding overzealous.

Ensure your sales speech is thoughtful and air-tight. This doesn’t mean you’ve to rush. However, you must know your message and get straight to the point.

2. Be Well Prepared

You must know what you’ll say to your prospects to avoid being awkward and wordy – all good voicemail scripts are built on the solid foundation of explicit intention and confidence.

So, ensure you have various customized, well-prepared voicemail scripts to attract qualified Medicare leads.

3. Keep It Conversational

Sales are more of a people-oriented approach. When leaving an effective voicemail, you must sound and talk like an actual human. If the sound is robotic or too rigid, your sales voicemail might appear impersonal or imposing.

Avoid confusing your prospects with complex Medicare vocabulary and excessive technical jargon. Keep things in perspective and on a lighter side, and approach voicemail scripts conversationally to make them exciting and engaging.

4. Make It Professional

While it’s a good thing to use a conversational tone to make your speech appealing and convincing, you can’t go overboard.

You’ll undermine your company’s reputation and credibility if you talk and sound overly familiar or too relaxed. Remember, prospects want to purchase from experts – not someone who tries to sound cool and smart.

Pro Tip: To make your Medicare sales voicemail sound more professional, avoid using excessive slang such as ‘yeah’s’ and ‘um’s.’

5. Offer Actionable Advice

What good a compelling medicare voicemail script is if it doesn’t give the prospect a reason to respond? You can’t rattle off or make small talk about your service or products’ benefits and features and hang up.

Good Medicare voicemails always provide prospects with call-to-actions: some insights or next steps such as follow-up emails or phone calls.

6. Use Results-Oriented Scripts

Medicare sales voicemails – like other sales communications – must focus on the benefits prospects can have if they choose your solution and not your service or product’s features.

Make sure prospects can see your voicemail script’s powerful results instead of how you can achieve them.

Your priority should be to grab a prospect’s attention in the first call – you can delve into specifics as the relationship grows.

Medicare Lead Generation Voicemail Mistakes You Should Avoid

While having a Medicare sales voicemail can be increasingly beneficial, some errors can cost a prospective client.

Listed below are three key mistakes you should avoid to get qualified Medicare leads:

You are winging it:

Repeating, rambling, and shuttering can affect your otherwise “stellar” voicemail scripts, leading to prospects not responding and cutting off. Avoid piecing together a sales voicemail on the go. Make one backed with extensive preparation and practice.

You are being too pushy:

Believe it or not, good sales voicemails can’t be intrusive or look like a demand list. No matter the stage, avoid saying things such as “Please call back at this number” or sounding frustrated that they didn’t contact you. Effective sales voicemails should focus on helping prospects, not pushing them through your pipeline.

You are using overly technical jargon:

Sales voicemail scripts aren’t for explaining the technical specifications of your service or product. You can’t leverage it to illustrate how its various features work – filled with complex vocabulary and technical jargon. You have limited time to impress your prospects. Utilize it to talk about tangible benefits and keep the tone conversational and easily accessible

Here are some other mistakes to avoid:

  • Using traditional closing such as “Hope we will talk soon.”
  • Making voicemails increasingly commercial. Pitching them too aggressively
  • Unable to build a sense of urgency
  • Generic message
  • Sounding desperate, unnatural, or like a robot and more

Voicemail Scripts For Medicare Leads That Get Calls Returned

Here are a few examples of voicemail scripts for Medicare leads that will get calls returned:

“Hello, Mr/Mrs (prospect’s name). I’m calling because you wanted some information about Medicare plans. Our records indicate you’ll turn 65 (month and year). Is it correct?”

“Hello, Mr/Mrs (prospect’s name). Were you looking for Medicare insurance recently? I’m (agent’s name) from (insurance company’s name). Tell me, how can I help?”

“Hello, this is (agent’s name) from (insurance company’s name). We’re surveying Medicare users to inform them about changing rates in (county name) and ask a few questions. Which Medicare type do you use? Part A? Or Part B?”

“Hello, this is (agent’s name) from (insurance company’s name). I’m calling to inquire about the Medicare insurance plan. Would you like to lower your premium without changing your coverage?”

Wrapping Up

Voicemail scripts provide stellar value and are a great way to find better Medicare leads, whether they call you back instantly or get in touch a little later. Even if your sales voicemail triggers email responses or calls (a few months later), that’s still some good ROI.

Use the templates and tips above to craft better sales voicemail scripts – an effective way to get a prompt response.