Rebuttals to Overcome Most Common Sales Objections

overcome the biggest sales objections with Rebuttals

“Facing objections in your sales is a sign of progress.”

Keep reading to know why.

Every sales representative goes through the phase of rejections. Precisely, when they are a newbie in the outbound sales industry. As they don’t have experience of handling objections at an early stage. You might have faced that same. In that period, you would have come across various objections. Prospects would say –

“The product doesn’t have the features I want.”

“I am not at all interested in your product.”

“I have the same product from (Any of your competitor)”

“Your price seems too high.”

“My budget is low compared to your product price.”

“Call me after a month.”

“I had a bad experience in the past using a similar product.”

“I am not the decision-maker for this particular department.”

In above all examples, you can recognize that those are mere reasons only. The reasons behind the excuses can be any. They might not have enough information about your product or brand. They don’t have trust in the service – as it’s new to them. Still, you can overcome those objections.

One of the effective strategies is sales rebuttal. The simple meaning of sales rebuttal is – “Redirection of a prospect’s objection.” When any prospect has a concern regarding your sales offer, you have to acknowledge it. Also, give clarity and give satisfactory answers to the prospect. There are various smart ways to utilize rebuttal for your sales efforts.

Here, I have listed some of the best rebuttal strategies for you. Use these rebuttals next time when you face any sales objections.

Most of the Sales Objections fall in below-given categories

No Interest

At this point, follow the “FFF” formula.

That is F – Feel“I feel the same. I understand your point.”

Another F is Felt“One of our current clients felt the same problem.”

Then F – Found“They found our services and implemented it. It was one of their best decisions for their company.”

No Money

You will get this answer for two reasons: Either they don’t have a budget or don’t have the authority to decide. In this situation, your response should be something like this –

“We can connect once again when you have revised the budget.”

“One of our precious clients was facing the same issue. But once they implemented the solution we discussed with them, their ROI increased drastically. It can happen to you too. Let me give you more insights.”

You can also suggest the least expected pricing of your product or service. This way, they will give a second thought on your offer.

No need. Already have it

When they take the name of your competitor, don’t fall into the trap of comparison. Rather appreciate their decision by telling –

“That’s great. You already understand the importance of using this service. Let me present to you the enhanced solution I have to offer you.”

Your work is to present them with your product or service as a better solution, not the other way around. You can also introduce the new features you have to offer. And the pricing factor will always be prospects’ priority. Focus on that as well.

Your product is Mis-fit for my Needs.

In this case, they might be looking for other features. Or If they had a bad experience of any other product in the past, they would be in denial mode. The best sales rebuttal would be to give them reasons to choose your product or service. Identify their issues and provide the solution.

The convincing and satisfactory answer might change their mind.

“Don’t oversell your products.”

Too Costly

Most of the prospects raise the concern of pricing. Rather than making this point all about your product, give them detailed answers. Before starting, do your research. Collect data from the market. How your product’s pricing is reasonable – find those reasons. In short, come up with a smart answer instead of a pep talk. You need to have compelling reasons to explain your products and features.

You can also offer a discount if that’s possible. One simple question you can ask –

“If pricing wasn’t an issue, then would you have bought our product?”

No Time

Many prospects tend to delay the offer. Hence, they give responses like – “I will get back to you,” “I am busy, call me after a few days,” etc.

In this scenario, how can you keep the thread open with them? – Ask for their email ID. Through email ID, you can send them detailed information. And keep the conversation open with them too.

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You can say,

“I completely understand your tight schedule and that’s why I reached you. The service which I am trying to discuss is useful for only Busy persons like you.

Can you spare me a good 30minutes anytime this weekend?”

The answer is going to be Yes, No, I don’t know, Maybe – Make sure you get “Yes”

These were a few rebuttal strategies that can be useful to you. You can create other strategies as per your experience with prospects. Let’s explore some best practices:

Best practices to follow to overcome objections

  • Listen to their concerns with patience. Don’t be in a hurry to give a response.
  • Try to understand their concerns in detail.
  • Don’t take objection personally.
  • Focus on the solution, not on the sell.
  • Words matter a lot when it comes to responding to prospects.
  • Don’t always use scripted responses.
  • Don’t get stopped. Identify it and solve it.
  • Understand the need for prospects.
  • Give clarity and confirm whether they are satisfied with your answers or not.
  • Offer them value rather than just trying to sell your product or service.
  • Invest your time for pitching with decision-makers.

“Nobody likes to be sold, but everyone likes to buy. – Dr. Earl Taylor

Bonus point for you.

6 steps to follow while talking to your prospects

  1. Let prospects speak first. Let them finish.
  2. Give them 3 to 4 seconds before you start speaking.
  3. From their point of view, ask them questions or state relevant information.
  4. Sum up their objections in 1-2 sentences.
  5. Confirm with them if you missed any point in the summary.
  6. Provide them with a solution.
  7. Always follow the “AAA” Formula to build conversation – Appreciate, Answer and Ask.

Rebuttals to Overcome Most Common Sales Objections

Sales Rebuttals are not rocket science. It depends on how and where you use it. Understanding prospects and listening to them is the main part. Now don’t hold back. Get ready to crush your quota.