Final Expense Insurance Telemarketing Script and Rebuttals for Cold Calling

Final Expense Insurance Telemarketing Script and Rebuttals

Final Expense insurance is a booming business, especially since lots of baby boomers are nearing or in their retirement age. We are always here to help you make the best of yet another new industry. Insurance is a vast segment to work in. Each niche comes with its own set of rules and expectations. We here at LeadsRain have compiled a list of the best sources to find good leads and script templates a budding insurance agent might need.

How to find good Final Expense Leads?

Facebook Final Expense Leads

Facebook wins here, the ability to segment and target has what’s kept Facebook alive. Since the advertisement is at the heart of its business, Facebook pays extra care for all your marketing needs.

Direct Mail Lead Generation

Mailing can be the right way to target across a wide range of demographics and squeeze out prospects in a cost-effective manner. It is recommended that you buy fresh leads rather than opt for this method since the low opening rates and high execution time may lose you many opportunities.

Referrals from Existing Customers 

Ensure quality service, and the ball will keep rolling. Baby boomers today still give much weight to word of mouth referrals. Another reason to ensure the quality of services remains high.

How to use Final Expense Leads?

Calling is the most trusted way for you to reach out to your leads. Yes, there are many ways like Voice Broadcasting, Email, Text Message etc. and they all work. Calling your client just works better than other services. The more dynamic nature of communication and human touch is exactly what makes it the best touchpoint for senior citizens. Even calling, though, is not full proof and may fail if coupled with bad scripts.

Manage your Final Expense Insurance Leads

Final Expense Cold Calling Sample Scripts

Sample 1

“Hi, I am ________ (Your Name) from ________ insurers. (Your Company) 

I am calling to inform you about a life insurance program that will cover 100% of your funeral costs. Would you be interested to know more about the cost-effective insurance from our agent in a few days?”

Sample 2

“Hey, _________ (Lead’s Name), I am ________ (Your Name) from ________ (Your Company). I am calling regarding a free quote on final expenses insurance. This life insurance could save your family good money on burial costs and any outstanding expenses you may leave behind. 

Would you be interested to know more about the insurance plan?”

Sample 3

“Hello, may I speak with Mr./Mrs. _________ (Lead’s Name), My Name is ________ (Your Name).

I’m calling from XXXXXX Financial Services. I’m calling regarding a free for final expense insurance that we are providing people in your area.

Our plans can save you 15,000 to 50,000 dollars on your funeral expenses and any outstanding debts you may leave behind. Would you be interested to know more about the insurance?”

Sample 4

“Hello Mrs._________ (Lead’s Name), my name is ________ (Your Name) I am calling from the senior financial care program, our partners at senior healthcare mentioned that you qualify for our final expense insurance program to help cover up to 100% of funeral and other final debts you wouldn’t want to leave behind to your family…”

Sample 5

“My name is ________ (Your Name) with the Senior Care Program .

Did I catch you at an OK time? I know you’re busy so I’ll be very brief.

The reason for my call is that I’m helping folks between the ages of 50

and 80 cover one hundred percent of the cost of their funeral and burial

expense with low-cost final expense insurance policies.”

If they confirm it with a “YES” (make sure that they express their consent), follow up with,


Today I only need to verify some basic information and then I can have a

Licensed Life Insurance Specialist visit you and discuss what your options?

________ (Lead’s Name) kindly repeat your full legal name, [wait for the response]. 

Do you want a quote for your spouse too? 

[if yes, follow up with the question below, else move on to the next issue]

Great! Can you let me know her/his details, starting with the full legal name? 

Who would the benefit go to, any direct relation would do. 

Thanks for answering all the questions patiently. 

Would you be okay if our agent drops by your home on _________ (scheduled time) to discuss a custom made plan for you? 

Thank you for your time _________ (Lead’s Name), again I am ________ (Your Name) and you can call me back on this number if you have any more questions.”

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Things to Consider While Calling

  1. Make it as comforting as possible for the leads. Final Expense is not a comfortable topic for many, hence take extra care to be kind.
  2. Customize your scripts to fit you just right. Prospects will like you a lot better if you customize the script, find the voice of your business, and nail it.
  3. Have separate scripts for each point of your lead funnel.
  4. Keep it short and straightforward.
  5. Be ready for common questions.

Most Common Rebuttals (with answers)

  1. How did you get my number?

“We usually get our information from _______ (Your source) and prominent healthcare units across the state.” 

  1. Can you send me the details over the mail?

“Of course, our agent will hand you a printed pamphlet with all the details when he/she drops by. We will also share all the information after the meeting on mail too.”

  1. What is the final expense insurance?

“It’s a life insurance policy that covers your burial cost and outstanding debts you may leave behind. It is a good way to ensure you don’t burden your relations.”

  1. I have XXX medical condition will I qualify?

“Yes, almost all individuals in the age group of 40-60 qualify for this life insurance, irrespective of healthcare.”

  1. A question you are unsure about.

If you don’t know the answer to any question, be upfront about it.

“I don’t want to give you wrong information. Our agent may answer you when he visits you. Would that be okay?”

  1. If your agents visit me, do I have to pay for the quotations?

“No sir/ma’am, the quotations are completely free”

  1. Do I have to buy the insurance once when your representative arrives?

“No you are under no obligations to buy, our representatives are there to help you understand the plan better, however, it is recommended that you select the plans as soon as possible”

  1. Can I reschedule the meeting?

“Of course, kindly call us on XXXXXXX to reschedule your appointment”

  1. I already have insurance.

“I am glad to hear that sir, one should always have a plan B. Does your insurance cover burial costs too? We have very affordable insurance to help you out.”

  1. I can’t afford anything right now.

“I would humbly disagree with you ma’am, our plans are very affordable and for all income groups. If you are interested, I will quickly explain how”

  1. I am not interested.

“That’s why i called sir if you allow me I can quickly tell you why we think you might be interested.”

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