7 Marketing Ideas to Boost Black Friday Sales This Season

Marketing Ideas to Boost Black Friday Sale

Typically, Black Friday marks the beginning of the season for holiday shopping.

With online sellers embracing the event, Black Friday has expanded beyond traditional brick-and-mortar shops to online shopping. The timeline has also been modified to a weekend-long sale event that runs from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

As a result, business owners have a wider window of opportunity to make a hefty profit before the end of the fiscal year and clear out old inventory in time for the holiday shopping season.

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday of 2021, the owners of the ‘Shopify store jointly generated a staggering $6.3 billion USD in sales worldwide, a surge of 23% from the previous year alone!

Practically all businesses participate in black Friday deals because they have the potential to generate enormous sales. Therefore, it is crucial to employ marketing techniques that set you apart from the competition during this time of year. Here are some to help you stand out!

7 Marketing Strategies To Amplify Your Black Friday Sales

1. Social Media Marketing

Using social media to interact with clients and address any inquiries they might have regarding your Black Friday deals is terrific using social media to publicize your sales, you can both impulse buyers and buyers who want to make plans in advance. Create countdown updates, catchy hashtags, attention-grabbing imagery, sneak peeks at special offers, and deal announcements or draw out curiosity with your campaign and give your audience something to become pumped about!

2. Email Drip Campaign

Creating a strategic mailing plan to reach prospective and returning clients at critical moments to capitalize on the purchase intent that comes with your Black Friday Sales offerings is very important.

This is where an email drip campaign comes in!

An email drip campaign is a sequence of automated emails delivered to users who perform a particular activity on your website. This strategy implies that you have control over how many emails (and at what rate) you send your customers for any specific action.

Drip marketing can assist you in increasing sales during this shopping season by converting site traffic into paying customers, boosting recurring business, and recapturing the attention of customers who have been dormant and frequently abandon their shopping carts in the middle of a transaction.

3. SMS Drip Campaign with Direct Purchase Link

SMS Drip Marketing is the way to go if you want to boost your email marketing or take drip marketing to the next level!

SMS is an incredibly successful marketing tool for retail store owners to contact both current and potential customers because 99% of SMS marketing campaigns are read as opposed to most emails that can be ignored or derailed.

Similar to drip emails, text messages can be automatically generated and delivered to customers with a link to an item they have been hovering over or searching for on the company’s website to pique their interest, launch a shopping experience, and interact with both current and potential customers at different points of the purchasing process.

4. Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns

Nowadays, marketing initiatives are rarely carried out on just one channel, thanks to multichannel methods. To create a seamless customer experience, omnichannel communication considers all mediums and gadgets that customers will use to communicate with your business.

With this approach, all of your communications with the customer are streamlined based on their individual preferences and detected purchase intent. Multiple platforms can be interlocked with AI-powered Omnichannel Solution, ensuring all steps in your customer’s purchasing process.

5. Ringless Voicemail Alerts

People still have to go about their daily lives, despite the fact that it is the holiday shopping season. Prospective clients and customers may become irritated if an intrusive phone call, voice, or text message notification rings during a meeting or important event. Customers’ discomfort makes such information less compelling.

However, ringless voicemails work differently. By sending ringless voicemails, businesses can silently promote, advertise to, inform, follow up with, or interact with clients. These audio drops are recorded in the voicemail inbox and show up as a missed call alert on customers’ mobile devices.

Thus, customers can access these voice messages at their convenience and be easily brought up to speed with your Black Friday Sales offers.

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencers help to increase the authenticity and engagement of advertising activities for a target audience that is frequently inundated with lots of commercials, especially during the holiday shopping season.

Influencer marketing, in contrast to other social media marketing strategies, gives businesses an effective, discreet approach to interacting with consumers despite the increasing use of ad blockers and consumers’ overall dislike of blatant advertisements.
Using influencer marketing to draw in new Black Friday customers could help you establish a reputation and trust.

Furthermore, because it is frequently a long-term engagement with the influencer and, by extension, the client, it also aids in keeping customers long after the sales period has ended.

7. Voice Announcements to Existing Clients

The totality of sales and service has always benefited from in-store promotion via audio announcements. Customers and guests are already in the establishment, which indicates that they are at least originally intrigued by what the company is offering and are. As a result, listening in to receive what is being broadcast over the speaker systems.

However, brick-and-mortar establishments are not the only places where this audio interaction method can be used. Businesses utilize a variety of strategies and resources known as voice marketing to promote their goods and services across ecosystems of speech platform providers.

Companies can identify and synthesize their distinctive voices and produce audio material based on the voices of their brand ambassadors to announce sales offers and bargains, thereby creating a sense of familiarity and affinity with existing customers.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday present fantastic chances to accomplish annual business objectives. Your company will definitely turn a profit if you use one or more of these marketing techniques. There’s nothing like a well-strategized Black Friday Sales to put your business safely in the black!