How 2020 can be your Path Finder for 2021 Lead Generation Strategy?

Lead Generation Strategy for 2021

Every Pandemic comes with new normals for each industry worldwide, so as for the Lead generation industry too. Following the Flow is always the best plan to be ready with the new normals.

The Year 2020 has given lots of surprises to everyone. So many things have changed and been adopted worldwide to settle the things to normal again after the Pandemic. Ignoring the year 2020 while planning for 2021 will be the biggest mistake.

Let’s take a look at what has surprised the LeadGen Industry in 2020, the year of Pandemic.

What are the Highlights of 2020 for the Lead Generation Industry?

  • Starting from March 2020, every organization almost everywhere started working from home. So many organizations who were not prepared for the same faced a lot of challenges to change from Working from Office to Remote Working.
  • The year 2020, has shown the importance of digitalization and automation in lots of industries same as in the Lead generation industry too.
  • Contact centres who were not working on Cloud-based Auto Dialers understood the importance of that and a major shift has happened towards Predictive dialers that work on Cloud and provide 24*7 support.
  • Those Lead generators who were largely dependent on a single point of contact with their leads understood the importance of more channels to be in their portfolio to keep the communication going on.
  • Video marketing and MultiMedia Message marketing has grown rapidly after February 2020.
  • Instead of face-to-face meetings, marketers have taken a rapid shift towards Online Video meetings and automated conversations where physical presence is avoided.
  • According to so many surveys, “How to stay focused?” “How to stay motivated?” such searches have increased more than 200% worldwide.
  • Number of Organizations faced the issue of Employees’ lower morale and less motivated workforces which was bringing down the revenues.
  • The team is something you must be with all the time, Be with them to rely on them, is something most of the companies felt when their teammates were making difference in their business while staying at home also.

The list is endless if we keep writing, but if we are specifically speaking about Lead Generation Industry, Let’s discuss what are the things you can afford to miss while planning your Strategies for the year 2021.

Things not to miss in 2021

Flexible Strategies:

Be Ready for the quick changes in Strategy is something that everyone has accepted everywhere after what has happened last year. Your Followup strategies should not be that rigid to change against the demand. Keep your strategy so flexible that if anything happens and if one of the elements stops performing for you, you have the backup plan ready and executable on an immediate basis.

Remote Sales Dialers – New Normal for Contact centres:

All the Call centers anywhere in the world accepted that the Dialing software you use should be a Cloud-based Dialer, which can allow your agents to work and make calls in the same manner without any interruptions and with minimal requirements at their end.

Warming up your Leads for better response:

The majority of marketers have faced lower response rates during the Pandemic time especially on cold leads. That has made them agree on warming up the leads to get better contact rates with leads. People to whom you call should know who is calling and what’s the purpose of calling. The use of SMS, MMS, Email, and Voicemails to warm up the leads followed by Sales calls is widely adopted by marketers during this challenging time.

A shift from Single channel to Multichannel outreach:

Those businesses that were relying on single-channel outreach had faced a big fallback due to sudden changes and the rise of new normal in each segment. Those businesses that were doing good with a channel started seeing a fall as those channels become less productive as people become selective and maintain privacy.

In this scenario, those businesses that were using Multichannel Follow-up systems have made remarkable growth in their business and are affected less by sudden changes in normal life.

Constant communication with Leads through Automated responses:

A major shift has been noticed in Digitalization and Automation in each and every sector. In the lead generation industry automation has played an important role in the absence of team members. Automated Followup Systems has outperformed for so many marketers to become their first choice while planning for 2021.

Keep your Team’s Morale High:

A Less Motivated Team or the team with low morale can be a set back for any business. They can definitely work for you, but can’t perform the way you expect from them. It’s very important for the companies to understand in 2021 how they need to keep the team on high energy.

Constant communication with team members and understanding their point of view and problem followed by solutions is much needed. Only financial incentives don’t matter. They need people around with whom they feel comfortable and motivated.

Summing it up:

The year 2020 is disastrous for us, but we can’t deny it’s a big learning experience too. If you ignore the changes that came during this time, you have to face a problem in 2021 same as your business. There are plenty of new normals and growing Lead Generation techniques you should make part of your portfolio for a Rocking 2021. To know, get in touch with our expert and discuss more.