How Sales Dialers and Area Code-Specific DID Pools Improve Connectivity?

Sales Dialers and Area Code Specific DID Pools

It’s a common experience: you receive a call from an unknown number with an oddball area code, so you reject it rather than take the chance of connecting with an unknown individual.

As a reality, an out-of-state area code was unlikely to be answered by 75% of call receivers. This rising consumer habit is a significant hindrance to outbound salespeople’s productivity.

Thankfully, there’s an ultimate solution:  Local Presence Dialing

We’ll go over all the pertinent information in this piece for the blog on how your business’s connectivity rates could be increased by using sales dialers and area codes.

What is Sales Dialer?

A sales dialer is a technological sales toolkit that speeds up the process of making cold calls. By automatically dialing numbers rather than having an individual do it by hand, sales dialers minimize down on the amount of time lost on outbound calls. Other capabilities that sales dialers frequently possess are call recording, integrations, transcription, voicemail drop, and call analysis.

Sales dialers can accomplish up to 30% more deals, contact 45% more prospects each day, and increase agent productivity by 80%.

The ideal instrument for a sales team to determine the most viable outbound sales procedure is a sales dialer. With comprehensive insight into routine activities, it keeps the entire team informed and gives you the chance to have greater discussions and achieve your best sales outcomes.

What is Local Presence Dialing?

When conducting outbound cold calls to prospects or customers, call center agents or sales teams can dynamically utilize local area codes with the help of a feature of call center dialer software systems called local presence.

Local presence dialing is a telemarketing or sales approach in which the caller’s phone number corresponds with the recipient’s area code and prefix.

Importance of Local Presence in Sales 

Considering a local presence in sales methods can raise response rates, promote credibility, and deepen relationships with potential customers.

Studies have proven that the probability of a person picking up a call from a local number is four times higher than that of a toll-free number. 

Because local numbers are perceived as familiar by the recipient, there is a greater probability that the call will be answered, leading to high contact rates. It creates chances to have deep interactions with them.

A local presence creates the perception that the business is physically present in the community, which can increase credibility and trust among clients.

How Sales Dialers and Area Code-Specific DID Pools Improve Connectivity? 

Putting together a sales dialer with area code-specific DID pools positively impacts connectivity and affords companies the ability to build profound connections with clients and prospects, which eventually generates sales.

1. Localized presence

Specific to an area code When making outbound calls, sales teams may show local numbers courtesy of DID pools. As a result, prospects feel more acquainted and reliable. leading to higher response rates and connectedness.

2. Greater levels of responsiveness

Local phone numbers help companies establish credibility with potential customers. Callers who seem to be locals have a higher chance of engaging prospects because they make them feel more at ease and are more open to conversation.

3. Higher answer rates

When using a sales dialer, agents are connected only when a live person responds, and calls are automatically dialed. Businesses can display local numbers corresponding to the area codes of the prospects they are contacting by using area code-specific DID pools. Calls from numbers that people recognize as local are more likely to be answered, improving the probability that calls will be answered.

4. Effectual routing of calls

Call routing based on geographic regions can be performed more effectively by integrating a sales dialer with an area code. Based on the prospect’s area code, calls may be automatically directed to the appropriate sales representatives or team, guaranteeing that every prospect is put through to a person who is aware of their local context. 

5. Reduced call blocking

Using local numbers through area code cuts your risk of being restricted at a time when many customers use call-blocking tools to sift through unsolicited calls. As a result of fewer calls being blocked, more prospects are reached in successful sales conversations.

6. Expanded legitimacy

As local caller IDs are used to contact customers, they assist businesses in creating a local presence that improves their credibility and standing with prospective clients.

What is the Approach to Local Presence Dialling? 

Local preset dialing is an outbound calling strategy in which the caller ID that is shown to the receiver aligns with the area code or possibly even the phone number prefix that they are contacting.

Here’s how it typically works: 

  • First, the recipient’s location is identified by the system, generally via their area code or zip code.
  • It keeps track of a pool of phone numbers with different prefixes and area codes.
  • The method makes the caller’s number look local to the receiver by matching it with a pooled number using an algorithm.
  • The caller ID indicates a number that appears to be from the recipient’s local area when the call is placed.

For example, when salespeople pick the local presence option, prospects will always see a local number on their caller ID, regardless of whether they are in New York, London, Texas, or California.

Sales Tools Develop business Connections with Local Numbers 

A US-based corporation is trying to build an enormous international footprint by extending its services across many nations. To better communicate with clients, the company decided to invest in local caller ID numbers in nations like France and the UK.

The company experienced a substantial increase in answer rates and overall connection by accessing local numbers through DID pools. Within the installation, they saw a 20% increase in qualified lead generation and a 30% increase in answer rates.

The cloud-based communication platform LeadsRain, which delivers virtual phone numbers with local caller ID, is partnered with the company.


As you should now be able to gauge, the success of your salespeople may be heavily affected by local presence dialers. Use sophisticated calling algorithms without hesitation to have more personalized conversations. Take the resolution to successfully reach the target audience in this highly heated marketplace and raise the likelihood of establishing fruitful relationships with prospects.