Helpful Bulk Text Messaging Strategies for your Food & Beverage business!

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With an incessant mushrooming of text messaging applications available online people especially the millennials have entirely forgotten the usage of an SMS, more particularly its importance and effectivity. Have you seen the statistics SMS marketing campaigns produce? They are shockingly good yet understandable.

18.7 bn texts are sent worldwide every day, exclusive of app-to-app messages. (Statistic Brain, 2017)

15,220,700 SMSes are sent every 60 seconds of a day worldwide, excluding app-to-app messages. (Domo, 2017)

913,242,000 SMSes are sent every hour, every day around the globe not including app-to-app messaging. (Domo, 2017)

Text Messages have a 99% open rate. (SinglePoint)

Within 3 minutes of an SMS campaign being run, 95% of them are read. (Forbes)

Almost half of the sent texts responded to on average. (Velocify)

Retailers, Start-ups, and business of all sorts that require to reach out to people on a regular basis use and need Bulk Text Messaging Services. LeadsRain has been a consistent choice of companies and business across genres that use SMS marketing for their marketing campaigns, retargeting and customer relationship management. You can read more about our Cloud-based Bulk Text Messaging here. Below are some of the efficient mass texting service strategies to get the most out of your campaign, for your food and beverage business.

Respect your visitors

And trust me that’s all they want, they may let go even if their pizza comes out bland or coffee lukewarm at times if you make them feel at home. Also, to make them feel at home is not entirely the responsibility of your interior designer that means to say how you’ve set up your cafe, restaurant or food van. How you treat them, matters most.

Guide your customer’s entire home delivery journey through text messages. Acknowledgment through text messages is a thing that would give closure to your customers while their food is on the way. Your order has been accepted; Your order is on the way, We are just 5 minutes away! Are some of the examples you could put to use.

A message to deliver gratitude after the payment has been done is an added cherry on the cake.

Nurture the relationship

The best use you can put your begotten cloud-based Bulk Text Messaging Service is that you can send promotional text messages and offer messages to your users. Festival discounts, discounts on days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc., will for sure pour you in a lot of customers back.

You may also ask them to share promo code for your restaurant to share any number of people and get incentives accordingly.

Text them updates on new arrivals, create texts that describe some of your very loved dishes, scrumptiously and give a link to order the same.

Do not bunch and blast

Segment your audience to serve them better. Make a little effort to see their background and what institute or organization they belong to. Send them offers and updates according to their requirement and also previous choices.

Maintain their privacy  

Make sure your customers have consensually given your restaurant or cafe their phone numbers. If you send them messages when they haven’t opted for the same, could be illegal and only do you harm.

Do not annoy them with text messages haphazardly fix to time, as to not invade their personal space.

Time matters, as usual

Send them text messages during prime time or peak hours before people are expected to have their meals, this increases the efficiency of your delivered text message but obviously. Do not send them early in the morning and any other time when it is not needed.

Unexpected messages cause a general spurt of annoyance and can cause aversion from your brand, making a dent that wouldn’t be easy to fix.

Keep the interval between two of your text messages enough, so as to not appear clingy and annoying, keep them sparse, it only makes sense.

Ask for feedback

LeadsRain’s Bulk Text Message Service allows you a two-way text messaging. Get valuable response from your customers whether they liked your food and services. Also, you can ask close-ended questions that the customer has only to choose from two options, e.g., Would you like to visit us again? Reply ‘Y’ for yes and ‘N’ for no to 56658.

We hope this would help you derive a lot of direction in your mass texting services campaign to grow your food and beverage business. Cheers!