Enhancing customer touch points for Insurance Agencies with Ringless Voicemail Drops

How Ringless Voicemail Drops. can help Insurance Agencies

North America is the worst-performing region worldwide by profitability, due to severe losses from natural catastrophes in 2017. Post-2017 slump, the insurance market is gaining steady traction and the future looks bright for insurance agencies. But is it all good?

Data from leading consulting firms and the government data paints a different picture. With only 1% expected growth in life insurance and 2.5% in non-life insurance, the pie isn’t really growing larger. On the other hand, fingers in the said pie are growing at far faster rates.

Providing services to the insurance agencies over the years has allowed us to analyze the problems and challenges from a bird’s eye view and form unbiased opinions and insights to help our clients carve out a slice for themselves.

We believe it is becoming increasingly important to retain customers to maintain a healthy market share. A huge part of retaining customers is the enriching customer experience. In segment with 57% of customers unsatisfied, the scope is huge to enhance customer experience and evolve the touchpoints.

Broadly the customer touchpoints can be categorized into three segments

– Pre Sales

– During Sales

– Post Sales

Pre Sales

The biggest use case of a Voicemail is to inform and create awareness in the minds of customers. Ringless Voicemail marketing can boost sales if used properly. One such innovative use is sending a voicemail that lists benefits of insurance and at the end prompts a callback to the agent to book an in-person meeting or an on-call counseling session. This enabled the sales team to bring in more business since the customer was already willing to hear out more.

Another added benefit in lead nurturing through Ringless Voicemail drops is the versatility offered by pre-recorded voicemail. You can be fully assured that you put your best foot forward at the start of customers journey itself since it becomes very easy to maintain the quality of the pre-recorded message. Recording the message in local accents and lingo for better conversion adds icing to the cake.

From the customer’s point of view, the company took fast actions to provide speedy responses to address the queries plus the non-intrusive nature of Ringless Voicemail reduces the reluctance to hear a sales pitch.

During Sales

This is often neglected touchpoint where lack of information could mean a frustrated customer and high lead drop-out rates.

Providing a healthy dose of information is critical to help the customer reach an informed decision, RVM can be an empathetic option to share that information.

Post Sales

Ringless Voicemail marketing can function as a highly efficient tool to resell, upsell and cross-sell. One such example can be the voicemail that informs the customers of the renewal of their services and prompts a callback or guides to a relevant location to renew the service.

Post Sales, a timely thank you message along with info on how to access relevant repositories and helplines surely builds a strong brand image over time. The extra effort on your part goes a long way to make the customer a loyal customer. It also effectively combats the buyer’s remorse and elevates your brand perception.

Another use case would be in claim settlement. In a traditional setting, once the customer files a claim, the insurance agency now sends a team to verify said claim. Sending a message with a callback prompt to schedule the logistics improves the experience especially when the customer is frustrated.

Final Words

To sum it up, focusing on all three segments and enhancing the touchpoints to enrich the customer experience will help increase customer retention in a highly competitive industry. Using Ringless Voicemail to do this can add a feather to your hat without creating unnecessary hassle and chaos.

You would have noticed that we focused exclusively on enhancing the customer touchpoints through Ringless Voicemail service, yes it was intentional since that is what we specialize in!

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