Ecstatic Revolution in Textual Communication

Awaited? Anticipated? No, a Boisterous Innovation

Did you hear? We’ve changed it. Almost entirely. Because #WhoReadsTheCaptionAnyway. Texting is a flamboyant culture made gapingly vociferous through expressive tools like emojis. This was only the first evolution to this medium. Evolution in text message has not imagined itself surpass the existing boundaries since. Until now.



With Rich Text Message in the picture, branding enterprises just can’t get enough of it, and for the leads, it’s a hell of a ride. The numerous Rider content (this is what we have come to call the embedded features) have captivated audiences of all stature into the spiral of advertisement marvels. Take a look:


Visual representation is the key to digital marketing excellence. When an image is riding with the text message, the textual information, more often than not, dissolves into the void of ignorance. With the gargantuan of a replica to your campaign, Rich Text Message shows what needs to be seen. This provision is perhaps the most used Rider content among all.

Use Case

Simply put, image is a complementing addition to your text message campaign and can be used creatively to pursue your leads. Aspirants have figured the use of memes or humour to work wonders. Commodity industry can have a go at it with expectations greater than Dickens.

  1. Comic
  2. Illustrations
  3. Temptations
  4. Presentations

These are only the few ideas of plenty more, that you can device in your message.


Substitute the text entirely with a high definition video in your Rider when talking about your services. Videos and clips now ride your message to the leads with this innovation. The unfamiliar identity of the Rich Text Message is sure to excite the leads with a video incorporation to the text message campaign.

Use Case

Mostly to surprise, the videos land as a single image, click on which, plays the videos. This is more like a “boo-ya!” expression with motives of surfacing a delight towards the modern marvels and your brand of course. One of the greatest uses of this facility is for the NGOs and donation based corporates that function for the welfare of the society.

  1. Advertises
  2. Campaign shoutouts
  3. Documentation

These justify only a selective needs of the market. One can put the video facility to several other uses.

QR Codes

QR code is perhaps the best Riders that promotes endless facilities from quick payment options to ticket maneuvering as its current functions. Possibilities need to be explored, however, this provision has seen its utility in the airline industry prominently. With Rich communication services the essence of both direct and digital marketing amalgam is served effectively.

Use Case

Airline industry has programmed an ideal use for the QR facility in their ticketing provision. Clubbed with prompt action, Rich SMS marketing has become an instant hit among such industries.

  1. Ticketing
  2. Link targeting
  3. Instant payments

Get creative when it comes to this, it has endless possibilities.

Prompt Response

With a two-way communication, strengthen your data accuracy through prompt response feature. Rich communication focuses on a truly rich experience, empowering your customers to respond to your message so you may understand their requirements better. With RTM, build a rapport like nothing you’ve imagined. Best part? This finds its essence in every industrial sphere.

Use Case


A one-on-one communication is made possible here giving your customers a say in your marketing strategy. What could be more beneficial for you than this? This facility finds its place anywhere you feel your customer’s say can optimize your brand.

  1. DNC instantization
  2. Active communication
  3. Database accuracy

Short URL

Short URL facility is one of the most essential features of RTM. Rich text message service is made rich through this provision. LeadsRain provides a short substitute URL for the link you opt to add to the text message. They are made readable and save up more room for other “fancy” Rider content.

Use Case

Short URL provision finds its key purpose in tracking the source through which the leads are being generated. Each campaign can use a different URL linked to the relevant webpage, helping you identify the targets appropriately. One may also practice their creativity here. For instance,

  2. cup.cake
  3. hang.over.kyor

Usurper At Large


RTM is most definitely a usurper, out there to conquer the digital space. The only illegal aspect of its conquest is that it is going to make texting a thing of the past, and with it, the employment it supports. Rich texting will probably take over sooner than anticipated because again, #WhoReadsTheCaptionAnyway. There are endless possibilities to Rich Text provision in the marketing campaigns and mentioned above will turn up into the generic segment not more than a year from now. The technological advancements envisioned through this innovation has the potential to change the way people use devices. Not only is this the right time to adopt this medium owing to its innovative techniques, the platform is sure to entice the leads, helping you stand out quite instantly.

Rich Text Message has already started its conquest. The question is, are you ready to be conquered? Let us know about your decision at Kudos to the new age of communication, Rich Text Message.