Top 10 Data Providers for Outbound Lead Generation

Top 10 lead Providers for Outbound Lead Generation

Your organization’s growth and prosperity hinge on how quickly your sales team can secure qualified leads and high-caliber clients. Moreover, they must also get in the habit of learning all they can about new prospects before adding them to the sales pipeline. That’s the secret to attracting and keeping higher-quality consumers.

It is vital to ensure that your high-velocity sales teams have access to dependable data suppliers to enable quicker and more precise prospecting.

We’ve made it easier for you to find the right partners in your hunt for data that can make a real difference to your bottom line. Let’s explore the top B2B and B2C data providers and learn why you should rely on them.

Importance Of A Data-Driven Lead Generation Strategy

Accurate, timely, and relevant data makes prospecting easier. And to top it all off, time spent improving your business can be minimized by learning as much as possible about your competition and potential clients.

And that’s just the start.

BARC claims that there are numerous upsides to using big data analytics. And the results of their survey back it up:

  • 69% of respondents agree that analytics helps them make smarter strategic choices.
  • More than half (54%) think analytics makes it easier to regulate day-to-day operations.
  • Nearly half (47%) of all respondents agree that analytics helps bring down expenses.

Top 10 Best Data Providers for Outbound Lead Generation

These are the ten best data providers in the United States and across the world:

1. TovoData

Homeownership, foreclosure, public records, mortgage data, and more are all updated in real-time through Tovo’s multi-sourced real estate datasets. In addition to assisting with more precise homeowner risk assessments, this information can be used to confirm borrowers’ statements and locate potential new loan originators.

Tovo allows you to automatically input and populate forms with precise data, saving you and your prospects valuable time.

Key Features:

● Offers information on over 150 million homes and other properties
● Has vast collections of data from several states in the USA
● Their data sets can be tailored to your own company’s needs

2. Span Global Services

Span Global Services focuses on increasing revenue via business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing insights backed by data.

With their database management system, you may gain access to verified, up-to-date, and accurate information on your target audience thanks to incorporating insights into each campaign.

They also provide B2B email marketing lists broken down by industry and specialty and other categories like technology, real estate, energy, and healthcare.

Main Features:

  • 2.9 billion business-to-business interactions
  • Helped about 80 million people make decisions
  • Offers 78 data attributes
  • Access to data from 25+ million businesses across the world

3. Adapt

More than half a million businesses use the data Adapt provides. It provides industry-specific data, like construction, real estate, and manufacturing, as well as contact details for making initial contact with potential clients.

Main Features
● simplified navigation and smart filtering options make it easy to zero in on your ideal clientele
● Easy integration and data delivery to other systems
● Offers contact details, market analysis, and a range of additional corporate information
● Provides access to a lead generator, market intelligence, and lead analysis tools to help you better understand your potential customers

4. Datanyze

If you need B2B leads, go no further than Datanyze, a sales and marketing platform. It’s a Google Chrome add-on that streamlines the process of locating qualified leads in your niche. There are about 120 million records in Datanyze, including over 48 million phone numbers and 84 million email addresses.

Main Features

  • Automatically build categorized lists to manage your contacts
  • Datanyze lets you export your customer database to a CSV file, where it may be filtered in various ways
  • Features a detailed reporting, lead generator, and data enrichment solution
  • Access to contact information, company information, and market research is invaluable for making meaningful connections with qualified leads

5. Slintel

Over 16 million businesses and 275 million user profiles are just some of the information that can be found in Slintel, one of the top B2B data providers. You may learn more about your ideal clients and communicate more effectively with them. Slintel also helps you identify your prospects in industries such as Renewables & Environment, Architecture & Planning, Real Estate, Marketing, Advertising, etc.

Main Features

  • Contact information, market analysis, and company specifics are all readily available, making it a valuable tool for prospect research.
  • The lead insights tool provides valuable market intelligence and insight into the minds of potential buyers.
  • Works with various customer relationship management programs to help you expand your network and generate more business.
  • Searching for B2B data is simplified by data segmentation and filtering.

6. Blue Mail Media

If you’re doing multi-channel marketing, Blue Mail Media has more than 100 million datasets to back you up. Additionally, they supply the human resources and infrastructure necessary to conduct email marketing campaigns expertly. You can even customize the platform to meet the needs of particular groups based on criteria such as business type, firm size, annual revenue, geographic area, job function, and more.

Main Features

  • Services for creating, sending, and monitoring email content
  • Automatic and manual methods for cleaning up data
  • Data licensing available
  • Technology, real estate, manufacturing industry, and healthcare insights
  • Regionalized advertising

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CIENCE GO Data is a comprehensive database of sales leads, providing access to over 300 million records across all sectors. Experts in sales at GO Data check the quality, freshness, and correctness of our databases every day to ensure that our partners can count on accurate information when developing targeted campaigns to attract their ideal customers.

Main Features

  • Simple yet powerful search filters for expanding your audience
  • 80% success rate for direct dialing
  • No per-contact fees for licensing
  • Covers over 149 industries, including marketing, software development, biotechnology, etc.
  • Constantly refreshed client database with new users adding contacts every day
  • Information gleaned from advanced data analysis that goes beyond traditional account, tech, persona, social, and partner-level knowledge

8. OneMoreLead

Sales and marketing teams use OneMoreLead’s dynamic data listings. When a connection in the database moves to a new company or employment, the system instantly updates the information. Over fifty million B2B leads that have been confirmed in the real world are stored on the site.

Main Features

  • Laser focus on data analytics
  • Multiplatform integrations
  • A dashboard with the ability to save multiple lists
  • Systems for enhancing customer data

9. LeadIQ

LeadIQ’s database includes public information (found on business and social media websites), agreements with over a dozen data suppliers, and a user base that has linked their email accounts to the service. Potential customers are automatically added to a customer relationship management system where they can be compared to existing database entries.

Main Features

  • Compatibility with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator
  • LinkedIn filters
  • Regular data refreshment
  • Regular data refreshment
  • Accessible analytics dashboard

10. Black Knight

Black Knight, one of the most trusted sources for national mortgage data, maintains a comprehensive database that includes details on nearly every home and person in the United States. Data is compiled from county assessors’ offices around the United States.

You may look up information on any loan products, whether the agency, non-agency, or portfolio, in their convenient McDashSM database.

  • Main Features
  • 160 million first mortgage loans and over 20 million home equity loans
  • Offers historical perspectives spanning more than 20 years
  • The Black Knight crew meticulously checks and updates all of this information ourselves


A wide variety of high-quality B2B databases are available on the market. Nonetheless, there are data suppliers who, to offer a flashy, comprehensive service, continue to prioritize the careless compilation of contact lists.

The services discussed in this blog post have massive datasets to help you reach out to new customers. You can also do your competitive research and keep an eye on the competition. The sky is the limit when you have robust data at your fingertips to empower your decision-making.