10 Best Call Centre Software to Bet on in 2024

10 Best Call Centre Software

The daily habits of workers are evolving. Call center agents are among the many people who work remotely more than before. According to estimates, 38% of businesses regularly use remote workers, and this percentage is growing. They rely on home offices, co-working spaces, and coffee shops to guide consumers through an issue.

What does that imply for your call center and customer service team? To put it briefly, you require communication software to support remote agents, one that provides the functionality and adaptability your agents require to interact with clients from any location.

Agents need the greatest tools to succeed in their professions and provide the best service possible, whether they are working remotely, in the hybrid alloy, or in the office.

In this article, we are deeply discussing Call Centre Software, its core features, and Some of the best picks from the list of many available in the market. Let’s get started.

What is Call Centre Software?

Call center software does more than just link agents and clients. It is a system with several capabilities that are built to support every function of a contact center. Whether you handle incoming, outbound or a combination of both types of calls, call center software can help you streamline your customer support to deliver first-rate service.

Numerous systems provide omnichannel support, and contact centers don’t just concentrate on phone conversations. By managing all communication through a single platform, you can give customers a smooth experience.

What to Look for While Choosing Call Centre Software? – Core Features of Call Centre Software

1. Cloud-based Calling

Your solution must be able to support a remote workforce as working from home becomes increasingly widespread. Cloud-based call center software lets your staff use it from anywhere because it doesn’t rely on local servers and infrastructure. Additionally, it extends beyond local restrictions so that you can have phone numbers worldwide, which is ideal for a worldwide business.

In addition, cloud-based calling enables you to expand far more efficiently than a physical phone system, allowing you to have more agents available on more lines during peak hours without incurring additional costs to maintain those lines when they are not in use.

2. Outbound Campaign Management

You’ll need a solution for this if you run continual phone campaigns. Here, click-to-call and automatic dialing are the two main characteristics that need attention. Simply click, and it will dial the number for you.

Click-to-call is exactly what it sounds like – you don’t have to key in each number you wish to call and double-check its accuracy. This is furthered by automatic dialing, which immediately calls the subsequent number from a designated list after an agent completes a call.

3. Follow-the-Sun Dialing

Even considering time zones and the workday duration, auto-dialers can make sure you only call at the appropriate hour. The best call center software will be completely up to date on local requirements, depending on where you are headquartered, so you don’t have to manually check to see whether you are complying. If outbound calls are your main focus, these capabilities can save your sales team a lot of time and should be taken into account.

4. Call Recording

You should set up call recording to ensure you’re giving your customers an excellent experience. This enables you to regularly do quality checks and to go back over challenging calls to confirm the specifics of how something was resolved.

5. CRM Integration

Call center software should be able to interact with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, which is very crucial. You may utilize all of your consumer data to its fullest potential by integrating rather than manually transferring data between the two.

This is especially useful if you have a ticketing system, regular callers with specific needs, or need to localize services for centers spread out across the country. Utilizing data that has previously been obtained for an outbound campaign, it can also be used for predictive and automated calling.

6. Skill-based Call Routing

Some call routing systems will automatically select the fastest agent, but skills-based call routing is frequently more effective over the long haul. IVR by itself can contribute to this in some ways, but effective contact center software will enable you to carry out this plan with more information. The call can be routed to the appropriate agency using the called number, caller information (such as the number they are calling from), and IVR replies.

7. IVR

Any contact center must have IVR (Interactive Voice Responses). Automated answers are frequently used to welcome inbound calls. These responses might consist of a call acknowledgment with an estimated wait time, an effort at website redirection, or a prompt menu.

8. Call Scripting

You might think about using call center software with a call scripting capability if you frequently handle calls about the same subjects. Similar to a chatbot, a call script analyzes the customer’s email for specific keywords and offers troubleshooting advice based on a typical response. You ought to be able to view the script history and tailor your reply to the client.

9. Reporting

Managers must keep a pulse on contact center indicators, including incoming call volume, call trends, and agent productivity in order to run a successful call center. It is impossible to manage schedules and make future plans without knowing how your team is managing traffic variations. Reporting can reveal areas where your support coverage is lacking, point out prospective training opportunities, and indicate common problems that customers are phoning about.

10. Omnichannel Approach

If you’re looking for call center software, it’s likely that you already provide customer service via other means (like email, live chat, or SMS). It’s crucial to think about how well your new call center software will work with the rest of your distribution methods.

Top 10 Call Centre Software to Look For While Making Your Decision

1. LeadsRain

LeadsRain is a Cloud Contact Centre Solution with no dependency on Softphones. You may start making calls right away after a quick and simple setup! Using Cloud Predictive dialer, you can maximize your agents’ performance while avoiding missed leads. The Cloud based auto dialer scales with you regardless of your number of agents. You can expand your business with unlimited users without any monthly contract. You only need to pay per minute for what you use.

Accept the levity of the cloud! With LeadsRain’s Web-based dialer service, you can move freely like a cloud. Thanks to our cloud-based solution, you may operate with fewer resources and scale up quickly.

LeadsRain is a Call Centre Software that offers the Blended Campaign approach with the ability to perform both Outbound and Inbound calls to meet every requirement of your Call Centre.


  • No More Softphones: You’re not restricted to any Softphone applications as LeadsRain uses WebRTC technology, which helps you communicate instantaneously and in real-time.
  • User Access Management: Manage the access level to allow a specific user to access the Admin section to manage and edit campaigns and lead lists.
  • Skill-based Routing: The Auto Dialer makes it simple to immediately transfer the call internally to your designated closers whenever an agent has a lead on the line that needs extra attention.
  • 3-Way Transfer: Transfer the Call to the Third person and merge the call with 3-way Transfer to increase the closing ratio.
  • Leave Voicemail on the Answering Machine: Don’t stay unconnected if you reach the voicemail on the call. Leave the pre-recorded voicemail on the answering machine.
  • Call Recording: All the Calls are recorded by default to analyze the calling quality and record purpose. Also, you can use it for further training purposes.
  • Call Barging and Whispering: Listen to your agents while on live calls with Call barging to monitor their call performance and guide them for a better approach with Call Whispering, where only the agent can listen when you guide him/her on the live call.
  • Local presence with AC-CID Technology: Call the specific area code with the local area code number to get more responses by creating a local presence.
  • Call to Email: Send an Email to the Client from the agent dashboard itself for omnichannel follow-ups.
  • Hassle-free Integration: Integrate LeadsRain with any CRM through our Rest APIs and keep your CRM around you every time you work.
  • Real-Time Report: Monitor the Campaign progress in real-time with Real-time Reports through the admin dashboard.
  • Agent Productivity Reports: Multiple Reports are available to monitor the agent’s performance, such as Outbound Calling Report, Agent Login-Logout Report, etc.
  • Extended Customer Support: At LeadsRain, We do offer Extensive Customer Support through Calls, Chat and Email to help you in any situation while you run the campaigns.

2. RingCentral Contact Center

Standard IVR and ACD features are available with RingCentral Contact Center’s Basic subscription. With its Advanced and Ultimate plans, it offers Advanced IVR & ACD features. The Omnichannel Contact Center is supported by it. It offers adaptable reports. For routing, integration, administration, management, workforce planning & optimization, customer interaction, flexibility, security, safety, and dependability, it includes more than 40 functions.


  • It offers ACD, IVR, skill-based routing, virtual holds, voicemail routing, omnichannel routing, outbound dialing, outbound campaign management, chat and co-browsing, and social media interactions as features for intelligent routing.
  • It offers capabilities like call recording, pre-built reports, quiet monitoring, barging, omnichannel analytics, supervisor tools, etc., for administration and reporting.
  • It also contains features like speech and text analytics, performance management, coaching & learning tools, screen recording, gasification, etc., for workforce management and optimization.

3. Dialpad

An AI-powered cloud communication platform called Dialpad can take notes and interpret sentiment. You will have access to a single location to record calls, mute, put on hold, etc. The transition across devices will be seamless. It is compatible with Salesforce, Office 365, and G Suite.


  • More than 50 nations are supported by Dialpad for local numbers.
  • It provides call routing, live call coaching, robust analytics, and number portability functions.
  • Dialpad has features including cooperation, multi-level auto attendant, limitless calling, and automatic spam identification.-It offers quick and simple deployment.

4. 3CX

Dynamic call queues, IVR, and call reporting are all included in 3CX’s entire call center solution. Fully automating call handling is also possible using a straightforward drag-and-drop Call Flow Designer. In conclusion, 3CX has positioned itself as the ideal solution for controlling multichannel communications, including voice and video conversations, WhatsApp, and business SMS. All 3CX licenses also come with 3CX Live Chat, enabling users to quickly convert chats into voice or video calls and tackle trickier problems.


  • All communications— including SMS, WhatsApp, live chat, and audio and video calls—can be made on one platform.
  • Advanced Queueing Techniques: Round Robin and Hunt by 3s.
  • Agents can reply remotely from any location, including the office or WFH.
  • Call recording: Calls might be recorded for quality control and legal reasons.
  • Agent training: Options to listen in, whisper, and barge in as necessary.
  • Call reporting includes built-in reports, SLA, and statistics on call-backs.
  • Wallboard: real-time queue monitoring.
  • Synchronize your MS365 plan with 3CX via the Microsoft 365 integration.
  • Connect your CRM for seamless caller data management.
  • Call Flow Designer: automated answers, call handling, and user-friendly UI.

5. CloudTalk Business Phone System

For sales and customer service teams, CloudTalk is a commercial phone system. It enables the sales team to dial more quickly and close more transactions by automating the dialing process, as well as the customer care teams to handle more calls with smart routing and IVR and maintain high customer satisfaction. Access to the web dashboard, native desktop (Windows & Mac), and mobile apps are included with any CloudTalk plan (iOS and Android). It also assists enterprises in maintaining data synchronization by providing native interfaces with CRMs, support desks, shopping carts, Zapier, and APIs.


  • Template-based SMS/Text messaging.
  • Click-to-Call, Smart Dialer, and Power Dialer with Surveys.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) builder using drag and drop.
  • Allocation of incoming calls and outbound dialing.
  • 50+ integrations with help desks (Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho,..), CRMs (Salesforce, Hubspot, -Pipedrive & more), and Zapier + API.
  • It contains voice mail, call conferencing, toll-free lines, and agent scripting features.
  • CloudTalk offers local phone numbers in more than 70 different countries (toll-free as well).

6. Freshdesk

With Freshdesk, you can improve the customer experience across all of your communication channels with a call center solution that is built for the digital age. Freshdesk enables you to automatically direct incoming calls from all of your specified channels to the appropriate team member inside the organization. The platform also enables you to provide your clients with voice support around-the-clock using user-friendly IVR and voice bot technology. Based on data obtained in real-time, Freshdesk also makes it simpler for you to evaluate your call center’s performance.


  • Make it simple for team members in your business to collaborate.
  • Utilize voice bots and IVR to provide round-the-clock client service.
  • A fully customizable omnichannel dashboard for tracking data and KPIs.
  • Seamless connection with many billing and CRM programs.

7. 8×8 Virtual Call Center

A cloud-based contact center management system from 8×8 can handle both incoming and outgoing calls. It offers a virtual contact center with all of the business contact center’s features.

Small businesses might use the ContactNow contact center as a solution. Additionally, 8×8 offers business phone systems and a platform for team communications, meetings, and integrated phone calls.


  • It offers the functions of skill-based routing, IVR, queued callback, web callback, & inbound chat, email, social media, etc., for omnichannel routing.
  • It offers historical and current reports, as well as speech and customer experience analytics.
  • It can be integrated either through third-party integration or native CRM integration.
  • Knowledgebase, Expert Connect, and Co-browse functions are available to agents.

8. Vonage

In order to significantly increase the efficiency of call center operations, Vonage provides a cloud-based call center solution that is simple to use and seamlessly interfaces with some of the most well-liked CRM platforms available. An AI that automatically routes consumers to the correct location makes the jobs of call center agents easier. This not only helps companies provide better customer service, but it also boosts productivity for call center employees. The ability of Vonage’s call center software to interact with popular CRM platforms is another strong point. You can purchase Vonage’s intuitive user interface (UI) together with its powerful productivity, KPIs, and personalization tools on websites like Salesforce, Zendesk, and others.


  • Auto-log calls
  • Conversation Analyzer
  • Dynamic Call Routing
  • AI Virtual Assistant
  • Custom dashboard

9. LiveAgent

A cloud-based call center application is called LiveAgent. With intricate IVR trees, call routing, and limitless call recordings, the program provides both outgoing and inbound call center capabilities. LiveAgent provides live chat, ticketing, knowledgebase, customer portal, and reporting features in addition to being a call center software.


  • Connects to 99% of VoIP service providers.
  • Offers powerful data analysis and reporting functionalities, intelligent call routing, an IVR, limitless call recording storage, and support for video calls.
  • It offers a remedy for both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Provides more than 180 help desk features, including self-service, live chat, ticketing, and social media integrations.
  • Integrates with more than 40 outside applications.
  • 24/7 assistance

10 . Five9 Cloud Contact Center Software

A cloud-based contact center is Five9. The Five9 Call Center system includes administrative, common platform, outbound, and inbound functionalities. It uses AI to provide a customized consumer experience. It may offer over 100 different types of reports. It offers customer care around the clock through the customer portal, email, and phone. It offers the ability to record calls, report historical data, report in real-time, import data, and use cloud APIs.


  • It is compatible with CRM.
  • In addition to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with Speech Recognition, it offers a predictive dialer and sophisticated ACD routing.
  • It offers a combined inbound call distribution and outbound dialing solution.
  • It offers an omnichannel solution that enables agents to move seamlessly between social media, live chat, voice calls, etc., to give your consumers a better experience.
  • It contains voice mail, call conferencing, toll-free lines, and agent scripting features.
  • It contains dialers that are Power, Progressive, and Predictive.


The Call center serves as the hub for all customer engagements via phone, email, or chat, where a team of individuals manages all telephone conversations. Selecting the appropriate software is crucial for accelerating your company’s growth. You ought to have smooth scalability from it. Capabilities such as call monitoring, call barging, and real-time dashboards are offered by this software. To know more about how LeadsRain can be your one-stop solution to all your call center software needs, connect with us at support@leadsrain.com or schedule an appointment now with our experts.