What is the Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Marketing?

Difference Between Inbound v_s Outbound Marketing

It’s been widely discussed what to opt for your marketing strategy, Inbound or Outbound Marketing. Inbound vs Outbound Marketing is always the discussion point among marketers. Everywhere people say it’s time to go for inbound marketing, outbound marketing doesn’t pay off. But is that really true? Can you imagine an aggressive marketing strategy without an Outbound strategy?

Here, we are discussing Why the day is not off for Outbound Marketing…it still exists if you strategize well.

Outbound Marketing v/s Inbound Marketing:

Outbound marketing deals with any promotion pushed by organizations towards their prospective customers or target audience. The organization identifies the prospective audience and reaches them, whereas Inbound marketing deals with Pulling the customers through the different information available on the web, social media, media, etc. As a result, customers who need your product or service will find you and reach you back.

Why not overlook Outbound Marketing against Inbound Marketing?

When it comes to marketing strategy, it’s never about any single strategy you can depend on. It’s been proven that only the Push or Pull strategy never takes you to the destination you aimed at. What you need is a combination of both Push and Pull strategies. While planning your marketing strategy, you can’t afford to overlook outbound marketing due to some unavoidable facts.

Helps you get an immediate response:

Outbound marketing is the direct connection initiated from the marketer with the prospective customer where he can immediately take the decision whether the prospect is really interested and will become a customer in the future or not. How much follow-up is needed, or is it really needed or should drop him temporarily or permanently.

It gives an edge to your Inbound Marketing:

When you plan an Inbound strategy, you depend on your organic traffic, which comes when someone sees your ads run on paid campaigns, read your blogs or other good content but still, it’s all about the waiting game.

It’s been observed that only 2 to 5% of your content and ads are exposed to the right target audience.

Then what about others? You have to take your marketing materials to them with well-planned outbound promotional campaigns.

An Inbound marketing campaign backed by Outbound marketing always pays off higher than a stand-alone inbound marketing campaign.

You can’t wait for customers to respond:

You can’t really sit and wait for the prospects to respond. If you want to grow your business, you have to push your offer to your prospect to see and respond. Early adopters are those you respond to before you reach them, but you can introduce your business to the market with them.

Growth is not possible with them as the size of this customer category is very less in the total market, we can say around 5-10%.

Then what about the rest of the 90-95% market?

You have to penetrate that market with an aggressive outbound marketing approach, make them act, and react towards your product or service.

Outbound Marketing is still in Fashion:

Outbound marketing is a must-have weapon in your Marketing Armoury. It’s just you have to use it wisely, with a well-designed strategy and accurate execution.

Just plan it well:

When people say outbound marketing doesn’t give qualified leads, mostly, they are doing it without planning or with the wrong one. You need to plan it very carefully and strategically when outbound marketing, with tools or channels, perfectly identified Target audience and strategically identified time to implement it. If you plan it well..it will pay you back well.

Make a Well-designed strategy:

Most of the marketers who failed in outbound marketing lack a well-crafted marketing strategy. You need to be very accurate about which group of customers should be contacted with which channel, what message will be more effective, how frequently you need to follow-up, how much gap should be there between touching base etc. Though it’s about Push strategy, still you should not be sensed as Pushy and illogical…you should be sensed as pleasant and logical.

Time to Use Consent driven Outbound Marketing:

As discussed above that, it’s all about a combination of both Inbound and Outbound strategy; Consent driver Outbound marketing is the new normal. With inbound campaigns, you can generate opt-in leads and reach them with outbound marketing. Even with only outbound marketing, you can send cold outreach with Opt-in and Opt-out options and run further follow-ups on Opt-in leads called Consent driven Outbound Marketing.

Smartly mix the Outbound tools:

The majority of Outbound campaigns fail as marketers constantly reach prospects through a single channel where the customer is non-responsive and ultimately doesn’t turn up. But why not try to reach them through other channels. For example, Those who are not answering your calls, reach them with Ringless voicemails, SMS, MMS, Announcements, Surveys, Email, etc. So instead of Single-channel marketing, now it’s time to adopt Omnichannel Marketing Communication.

Automation is Future:

Rather than using multiple channels individually and manually, marketers need to shift towards Automation. Automation keeps you free from repetitive tasks and keeps the flow ongoing with a pre-planned Marketing Outreach strategy. By using Automated Follow-up Marketing Software, this can be planned easily and effectively.


Summing it up in one sentence takes us to the resolution that nothing is out of fashion until you use it correctly. Outbound marketing is still as effective as Inbound marketing. The only thing is, it varies based on different factors and use cases. But the effectiveness of Outbound marketing has no denial. To know more, how to effectively plan your Outbound Marketing connect with our experts today.


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