Top Common Questions Asked By Marketers for Lead Generation Tools

Top Common Questions Asked By Marketers

Telemarketing field is always flipping around with the time. Businesses have multiple approaches to generate leads, which becomes like a paradox of choices to ride the paddle in this competitive market. Marketing methods are inflated with options and failure to adhere to the right set of options leads to the subpar experience of the marketing tools.

Here, we are trying to deliver the answers needed by you to give a real push to your software tools.

Predictive Dialer Questions

How much does an Auto Dialer Cost?

Current market proposes innumerable autodialers. So, it can be a challenging task to pick the right fish for you that not only works faster but provides the optimized results. The prices for the auto-dialer vary significantly in this marketing ecosystem. Best auto dialer service provider may stand alone by providing you the uncluttered experience of customer service, boosting up the speed of call initiations process and increase in the number of outbound calls with a significant decrease in dialing time.

We at LeadsRain provides Auto Dialer service at an affordable rate at only 1.25 cents*

How do I set up an Auto Dialer?

An autodialer software is a complicated thing to manage for a non-technical person. For smooth sailing, nowadays service providers have come up with sophisticated software for direct communication. LeadsRain enables you with simple steps to initiate the auto dialer for your campaign, which are;

  • Create a campaign
  • Upload the leads
  • Make the call

How many types of Dialers are there?

Dialers have been in the telemarketing field since decades, which has evolved at its pace of time and hence has several versions of dialers.

Preview Dialer

Being the initial level of dialer’s life cycle, it is implied that the Preview Dialer Software is not as intelligent as compared to the other dialers available today. It facilitates the agent to view and validate the necessary basic lead information before connecting. For instance, it provides a preview about the name, address, city, and state of a company. It may also include other details like a number of employees and company revenue before dialing the number. The system dials the call after the number is chosen, so the agent doesn’t have to dial through the keypad.

Auto Dialer

It is an updated dialer software that automatically dials telephone numbers from the uploaded list. Once the phone is answered, then it transfers the call to the agent. It does not detect whether the call is answered through answering machine or human voice. SME’s use such dialers when the end goal is mass outreaching, without bothering about the answering machines.

Predictive Dialer:

Predictive Dialer is an automated dialing system where the admin uploads the contact list and once the agent logs in, the calls are made. The dialer based on its prediction algorithm, predicts whether the calls are answered by the human or answering machine on the other side. Calls are only transferred to the agent when they are answered by a human when connected with the answering machine, it can play a pre-recorded message or may hang up according to the default settings. Generally, it is used by businesses/ contact centers for filtering out the answering machines and increase the productivity of the agent.

Progressive Dialer:

Progressive as the word states is a dialer where agent indicates his availability and hence dialer initiates the call from the database. The dialer is intelligent enough to terminate the call when detects busy signal, fax machine, or no answer and dial the next number. Notably, it reduces the wait time call of the dialer and increases the productivity of the agents.

Power Dialer:

This dialer not only triggers the productivity of the call ratio but also assures the fewer lead failing ratio. Thus, it dials one call at a time, so the transfer rate to the agent is constant. Hence, Power Dialer is the right pick when the target of the agent is to connect every single call.

Are robocalls legal?

Cold Calling isn’t evil. It’s true that some companies do misuse this marketing technique and make it an annoying experience for the people. The law prevents the auto dialers explicitly from making telemarketing calls. The TCPA, enforced by the FCC sets strict requirements for the telemarketing companies to save people from receiving solicitation calls.

It requires the following points to meet to exempt from being illegal:

  • Get written consent from the audience
  • Providing the receiver an ‘opt out’ option
  • Proper identification and information of the company

Thus, robocalls are legal if they succeed to adhere to the above requirements.

Is Autodialer under TCPA?

Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) and Federal Communications Communications compliant leave an option for the telemarketers to be under the umbrella of federal law if they get consent from the people and provide the information of the company to save people from receiving solicitation calls.

A Few points to meet to exempt from being illegal:

  • People giving written consent
  • Providing an ‘opt out’ option
  • Proper information on the company

Ringless Voicemail Questions

Is Ringless Voicemail Drops Legal?

Dropping your message into your audience’s inbox, bypassing the ringing part is an ideal approach for marketing and lead generation ratio. FCC is still yet to opine on the ringless voicemail drops for the telecommunications. It requires the responsible use of the approach to avoid being under the regulatory framework for now.

In a petition to the FCC, members from the All About the Message Association claimed, “The act of depositing a voicemail on a voicemail service without dialing a consumers’ cellular telephone line does not result in the kind of disruptions to a consumer’s life, — dead air calls, calls interrupting consumers at inconvenient times or delivery charges to consumers.”

How do you go Straight to Voicemail?

Voicemail providing the highest lead generating output for the telemarketers today proves to be one of the best approaches to reach the target audience. Ringless Voicemail Software allows you to drop a voicemail with these necessary steps quickly:

  • Upload the list of numbers
  • Create the pre-recorded message
  • Drop the voicemail

Today, there are several telemarketers available in the market with ringless voicemail drops service. We at LeadsRain, provide a feasible and affordable solution at only 3.5 cents* per minute.

Can I leave a Voicemail without Calling?

The answer to this question is quite affirmative. Technology being so innovative has laden the pranksters for delivering your message through multiple direct marketing approaches. Entering the inbox without ringing the phone and hindering the people’s life is the target of the ringless voicemail approach, which helps engaging people at their convenience. It is a robust service for dropping your voicemail without calling.

How do I leave a Voicemail without Ringing?

Nowadays, ringless voicemail is in high demand including Political Campaigns, Fundraising Events, or Weather Alerts. Outreaching your precise audience without troubling them is the improvised face of technology, which involves three primary phases after creating the campaign:

  • Uploading the contact list
  • Recording the message
  • Broadcasting the voice message and dropping directly into inbox.

In a nutshell, LeadsRain provides you the information for your marketing campaigns to generate leads with suitable marketing approach for increased ROI and Productivity. We provide you integrated approaches to outreach audience with the right methodology. If you have more questions, Visit our FAQ page to get all your question answered or contact us on