Why Should You Prefer Cloud-Based Predictive Dialer Over On-premise Dialing Software

Cloud-Based Predictive Dialer Over On-premise Dialing Software

Many businesses are often stuck when choosing the best dialing option. It is important for them to look for a solution that is flexible and suitable for the company’s growth. Many businesses are often on the fence, trying to decide between Cloud-based predictive dialer and on-premise Dialing Software and according to experts, the former is a significant option.

What is A Cloud-Based Predictive Dialer?

A Cloud-based predictive dialer is software that helps businesses by automatically making calls to customers. Businesses can use cloud dialers in their contact centers without the use of any sort of equipment. The complete system runs on the internet including the calls using the software Voice over Internet Protocol. The predictive dialer system exists on a cloud which diminishes the need for on-site functions.

What is On-premise Dialing Software?

The On-premise Dialing Software is a system that uses a contact center model that uses not just software but also the hardware to carry out the functions of a call center. The on-premise dialing software requires the help of trained individuals who manually make the calls or take care of the maintenance of the contact center. This system can be expensive to use and may require businesses to hire the best experts who obviously will charge a high fee.

What Are the Differences between Cloud-Based Predictive Dialer and On-premise Dialing Software?

Argument On-Premise Dialer  Cloud-based Predictive Dialer
 Operational Limitations  Needs technicians and experts around while using for flawless usage  No need for experts within the premise, it can be connected from anywhere through cloud
 Technological Advancement Not that technologically advanced compared to Cloud-based.  Cloud-based dialer software is empowered with technologically advanced features and analytics
 Growth Prospectus  Increasing team and adding agents will not be easy and cost-effective The cloud-based dialer can scale the team without limitation and extra cost.
 Maintenance cost Needs lots of equipment and team for regular maintenance  No need to regularly maintenance due to the cloud features.

There are plenty of differences between the calling systems and to make the best pick, you need to ensure that you don’t just know the differences but understand them too.

Operational Limitations

On-premise dialing software is an office-based calling system that demands experts to come in and make calls of their own accord. The employees cannot work from elsewhere, which means if there is any problem with the call system, it will disrupt the chain of work. This could result in monetary loss to the business.

A great example of this situation is when the pandemic struck and there was a worldwide lockdown. The outcomes of this situation led to the closure of many call centers. This is why, it is important for a business to be remote-friendly so that no matter what calamity strikes, you are able to do your business from your home.

Cloud-based predictive dialer software allows users to work from anywhere in the world as the complete system is integrated on the cloud and you can access it through any location. This allows for uninterrupted work and users can use the same tools and other data to do their work without having to go to an office.

Technological Advancements

On-premise dialing software is not an advanced technology and does not have any analytical features that allow you to collect data about the calls. To keep your business profitable, it is important to keep your system upgraded to fit the ever-changing demographic. This includes using analytical data to see which strategies are bearing fruit and which ones are not fruitful for your business.

On the other hand, Cloud-based platforms allow you to use analytical data from the very first call. They usually come with an integrated analytical system that allows you to keep track of the performance and get access to the progress of each agent. This technological advancement helps improve business and allows you to see all the weak points that you can fix right away.

Adaptation to Growth

If things are going well, your business is not going to stay the same way and hopefully will grow into a bigger enterprise. To ensure that you support this growth, you must make sure that your contact center can adapt to it. You should be able to increase your work in the contact center.

With On-premise dialing software, matching the growth right away can be difficult. For instance, you won’t be able to hire an agent immediately which can hinder your operations.

If you have Cloud-based predictive dialer software, you will be able to adapt to even the tiniest of growth right away. Your system can take on the extra load and you can add or remove agents according to the growth. This makes it a better option for businesses that want to prepare for different outcomes.

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Businesses often look for cost-effective solutions that can help them maintain or increase efficiency. Spending a lot of money on call centers is not a particularly good idea as there are other places where that money can be well spent. This is why it is a good idea to look for an affordable and efficient system.

According to the installation, maintenance, and general working costs, the on-premise dialing software is more expensive as you need lots of tools and other maintenance to ensure that it is up and running. However, the Cloud predictive dialer is not very costly as it is easier to install and there are not many instances where you may need management services.

Moreover, it won’t even require you to set up a physical office and your agents can work remotely cutting down on costs.


The differences between the options suggest that cloud predictive dialers are the best way to go as they are not just the latest technology but also offer many other benefits that your business can benefit from. If you want a highly efficient system that is low on cost and maintenance then you must opt for predictive dialers as they can be the key to your business’s success. To get more insight on how a Cloud-based predictive dialer can help your call center to grow, connect with us at support@leadsrain.com and get started today !!!