Cloud based Bulk Text Messaging: A Power-laden, super-pack of 160 characters

Text Messaging



The response rate of an average bulk SMS campaign is 63%, and that of email marketing is 23%. This makes Bulk Text Messaging services a targeting tool that is 2.73 times more efficient than Email marketing. 

Almost 99% of people have their mobile phones in close proximity this leads to an elevated rate of open rates of text messages as they do not come in masses as emails and clog up the notification bar nor does it require an internet connection to be delivered. According to one, open research rates of a median bulk text message campaign is as high as 90%.

No matter what type and size of your business may be, Bulk SMS Text Messaging is one of the best targeting methods to reach out to new leads, prospects and old customers, for giving out information regarding daily promotional updates, essential reminders, confirmations, and alerts.

Our cloud-based Bulk Text Messaging services will provide your best message deliverance in the quickest of time.

Here are some of our valued customers’ text messaging templates that filtered out by our sales team with regards to the ones that gave better CRO and moved customers further across the funnel.


          Important Reminder

Hello, your payment is overdue we would want you to contact us urgently at xxxx 123 1234. To review your policy go to our website or our office at Hudson street.


          Due Date Reminder

Your bill payment is due by 2 days, please pay amount: $1000 before 4/5/17. You can pay the amount at our website. For more info call on xxx 123 1237.


          Offer Updates

ABC Garage Offers you a free Car wash on purchase of only $11.99 automobile accessories. Offer applicable on all the branches.


[Name of the car a person has looked up for] is now exclusively available at PRF Showrooms near you and across New Jersey. Visit our website to see the variants available and call us xxxx 123 1234 to book a test drive today!

Fitness Industry

          Inaugural Offer

ABC Gym has now opened a new space in your area. Located on 7th floor, we provide you class-apart equipment’s with all pouring natural light. Includes an outdoor cafe too. Introductory offer: 40% off on 6 months of membership. To know more call us on XXX 123 1234

          Generic Alert

ABC Fitness: Hello dear customer, Gym would be open only in morning hours 5 am to 11 am from 24th – 31st of December. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018. Cheers!


          Broadcasting Nationwide

Thank you for voting the Republican Party, we shall be the change we want to see.

          Informative Civic Alert

Join president-elect at Town square, street 52 today to hear him talk about issues like women empowerment and civil rights from 5 PM.

Real Estate


Axy Green Meadows is ready with a sample fully furnished condo. Contact our person to answer all your questions on xxx 123 1234.


         Offer updates

Get 1 day with 2 days free on this holiday season with ABC Tours and travels in lavish ABC Resort. Call xxx 123 1234 to know more.


We know you loved travelling with us across Alps last summer, this year we have included paragliding and scuba diving in our package with the same amount you paid last year. xxx 123 1234 to know more and visit our website to see full details and the itinerary.