Textual communication for brokerage services

An auto respondent assisted rich text messaging campaign works perfectly in taking the communication to the next level.


A mortgage brokerage firm came to LeadsRain for solutions regarding reaching out to their leads.

They had derived leads from an online form submission and were looking to connect with them over a call. However, they did not want to call their leads at unwanted times, but rather, find a suitable time to be able to strike a deal.

LeadsRain had the following suggestion in mind, providing a combination of our Rich Text messaging service and the Cloud Based Predictive Dialer service.


The firm needed to get in touch with the leads who had filled an online form. The online form gathered their contact numbers, making text message possible.

However, the database also had landline numbers in them, which could not be reached over text message.

LeadsRain suggested that they use the data derived from their forms to text those leads who have submitted their cell phone numbers, asking for a preferred time to have a telephonic conversation.

The auto responder feature of Rich Text Message was used with a pre-programmed script to ask for the suitable time to schedule a call.

The rich text message service was enabled for two-way messaging and the script prepared was delivered to the leads.

The scripted messages read something like:

‘Congratulations on successfully signing up for a loan. Respond with a “Yes” if you would like to schedule a call with us today.’

Since the “Yes” responses were interested in scheduling a call, they were sent the following message:

‘Alright then! Let me know the time you’d like to be contacted.’

To this the responses involved a particular time.

Post this text messaging campaign, was the setup of the cloud based auto dialer. Here, LeadsRain set up the predictive dialer for the mortgage broker’s agents to get in touch with those who had opted in and were expecting a call at a particular time.

When the leads entered their prefered time, the dialer would automatically make a call and connect the leads with the available agent for further communications.

The leads who had submitted their landline numbers could be called directly on the landline using the cloud based auto dialer. In this scenario, if the person is unavailable and the dialer reaches the answering machine, a recorded message would be delivered asking them to call back when they could find time. If the lead answered the call, then the agent would be connected on the other end and they would discuss the lead’s interest in the loan.


The text message was delivered soon after the leads filled the form, and simultaneously, the calls were made from the dialer, to the landline numbers, so the mortgage broker could identify the position of their leads immediately.

After using the multi-channel approach recommended by LeadsRain, the mortgage broker was able to reach their leads more efficiently. Their consent through rich text message along with the prefered time made the communication clearer regarding the needs of their leads.