Cross-channel renewal alerts on opt-in insurance leads

Applying a cross-channel approach to connect with the opt-in leads for insurance renewal alerts and notifications.


The insurance industry is highly competitive and to keep it up a notch, one particular agency came to us with a goal in mind. They needed a way to make the process of renewal of insurance policy easier.

The potential leads here had typically opted-in for promotional messages and alerts from the insurance agency, giving them an opportunity to try new ventures of marketing the renewal.


The insurance agency offered a number of insurance options, giving them a wide variety of clients. The database had both landline and cell phone numbers, to which LeadsRain suggested that they use the voice broadcasting services to send alerts to those leads whose insurance was going to expire.

Three broadcasts were sent, each at an interval of three days from the previous one. This was to be a press #1 campaign, where, on pressing the number 1, the lead would be connected to the insurance agent for further discussions regarding the renewal.

After the voice broadcasting campaign had ended, the insurance agency wanted make the process of closing quicker, and more actionable. Though the remaining clients had not renewed the insurance, they were aware of the expiry.

For those remaining numbers, a text message campaign was run, with an option to fill the renewal form instantly from the given link in the message. A contact number was also provided that they could use to contact the agents if they need to do so.

This again had a huge number renewing the insurance.


The insurance agency observed that their leads were efficiently managed after the model was installed. The cross-channel marketing helped the company stay visible, and the customers’ awareness about the policy dates built reliability in the agency.

Over a period of 2 months, they experienced a growth spurts of 220%.