How Crisis Communication can be Effectively handled with Voice Announcements?

Voice Announcement is useful for Crisis Communications

What is Crisis Communication?

The tools, procedures, and protocols that enable an organization to successfully communicate amid a major threat to its business or reputation are referred to as crisis communication.

Extreme weather, criminality, cyber-attacks, product recalls, corporate misbehavior, reputation crises, and public relations catastrophes are all potential crises for which organizations must be prepared.

Preparing for a crisis ahead of time ensures that relevant personnel can communicate with one another quickly and effectively during a crisis, sharing information that allows the organization to quickly rectify the situation, protect customers, employees, and assets, and maintain business continuity.

Who needs Communication in a crisis?

Threats to businesses of all sizes and industries are increasing. Because of the rapid nature of online news, it is now more critical than ever for businesses to be able to respond promptly and decisively when a crisis arises.

The goal of crisis communication is to bring together a wide range of audiences, including:

  • Employees of the Organization
  • Leaders managing the Team/Teams
  • Team in charge of crisis management
  • Public relations team
  • IT department
  • Heads of Departments or Admin Authorities in Educational Institutes
  • Personnel in Charge of Security in any Organization
  • Local law enforcement officers and First Responders
  • Officials from the Governmental Departments

How to handle Crisis Communication? – 3 Must-have things for Crisis Communication

  • Real-time communication is essential
  • Information Should Be Available Whenever and Wherever It Is Needed
  • Messages Should Be Individually Relevant

Why Voice Announcement is useful for Crisis Communications?

One of the best communication channels to reach out in Crisis time

Easy and Faster Setups:

Voice Announcement campaigns are very easily set up in no time. For the time of emergency or crisis, you can keep the campaigns ready with the right information message recording, and a list of audiences attached to the campaign. When you actually need to run it, just activate it with a click, and it’s ready to go.

Voice Announcements are always responded to in Real-time:

Voice announcements are live calls that get answered if the person is available, don’t have the time ignorance like other channels where people have the choice to ignore it to attend when they wanted to. As per the research, calls are more preferred and answered communication medium in the time of crisis than SMS and Emails.

Compatible to both Mobile and Landlines:

Different channels have different dependencies like Email, SMS and Ringless voicemails doesn’t support landlines, though they are very useful channels in different uses cases where you are not supposed to break the privacy or busy schedules of the audience, in case of crisis you need them to receive message anywhere they are available, Mobile or Landlines. And Voice announcements work effectively on both of them henceforth preferred more at the time of urgency or crisis.

Immediate Response can be handled with IVR set up:

Crisis communication in most cases needs to be responded to by the authorities in real-time as the relevant audience has many things to ask and enquire. With Voice announcements, you can set up an Instant Voice Response system (IVR) where people can easily press a number on live announcements and talk to the concerned team who can share more updates and guidance in real-time.

The audience list can be Filtered or separated listwise:

All the crisis are not for all the audience you have in your palette. Some crisis need to be received by a specific group of people of the entire audience. With a Cloud-based Voice announcement software by LeadsRain, you can either filter the audience with a dedicated filter applied to the whole list or you can pre-define the audience for different types of announcements and create separate lists for such groups of people.

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