Is RTM (Rich Text Messaging) different than RCS (Rich Communication Service)?


RCS or Rich Communication Service is a flashy version of SMS with a lot more multimedia capabilities. In other words, it’s an online protocol meant to replace text messaging as we know with a service that allows you to send images and other multimedia similar to the latest messaging applications through SMS.

Lots of iPhone users may think this to be similar to iMessage or Apple’s Business Chat, and truth be told, it is! Few features aside, RCS is a lot like Apple’s Business Chat if Business Chat was built for android.

Unlike Apple’s Business Chat which is compatible with all iPhones, Rich Communication Service is not compatible with all the android devices, or all the network carries.

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Leading survey and studies report that just 16% of devices are compatible with RCS in 2019, it is estimated to increase to 31% by 2023. Although many businesses have adopted RCS, the low scale and reach doesn’t equate with lead gen or other marketing efforts as it is today.

LeadsRain’s Rich Text Messaging service combines the best of both Apple’s Business Chat and RCS to helps businesses achieve their marketing goals. The browser-based cloud interface allows businesses to send bulk messages from anywhere.

RTM provides unparalleled reach since it works with all the carriers, unlike RCS services, it also supports all the mobile devices be it an Apple device or an android.

RTM allows you to send text messages with

  • Image, video, location, integrated text messages.
  • QR codes, Geolocation, statistical data.
  • URLs

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