What is Warm Calling?

What is Warm Calling

Warm Calling: The Smarter Closemate of Cold Calling

Calling has been used for sales over the years by Marketers. There are so many assumptions and myths regarding sales calls, especially with Cold calling. One of the myths is every sales call done over the phone is a cold calling. This myth is stopping so many people from using calling from their outreach strategy. The second myth is Cold calling is dead which is also not true. Calling is always a better and productive way to reach and understand your prospects.

Still, some are of the thought that they don’t believe in Cold calling then the better option is to try “Warm Calling”. It’s a smarter way to call your prospect and still not doing Cold calling.

What is Warm Calling?

Warm calling is all about calling those prospects who have purposeful interaction with you or your company in the past. It’s basically an on-call interaction with the person who either has a discussion with any of your company members in any manner like on Email or Conference or Social media etc.

So, Basically, we can say it’s calling to those leads which are not totally unknown to your company and your business.

Warm Calling: How to put it in practice?

Waiting for prospects to get familiar with you and reach you back? NO. That’s not something you need to do.

Why wait for your leads to respond?

On the other hand, you can open another chain of communication with your prospect through Voicemails or Email or Social media or Text messages, etc. Using Cross Channel Communication is one of the best ways to warm your leads before you make the calls.

Key Takeaway:

The Myth breaker conclusion here is, Calling the leads is not what you need to avoid, it’s all about changing the approach towards calling your leads with making them warmer with your multi-channel approach towards them. To know more reach out to our experts now.


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