What is Customer Experience Automation?

What is Customer Experience Automation

Every organization should prioritize enhancing the customer experience (CX), and automation to contribute to this by reducing mistakes, enhancing response times and communication, and offering customized services.

CX automation is becoming ever more widespread! 

As a result of the automation’s time-saving benefits, 44% of businesses who employ it spend more time communicating with customers (ActiveCampaign’s CXA Impact Report).

Are you prepared to begin practicing CXA? Let’s examine what customer experience automation, or CXA, is.   

What is CXA? 

Customer  Experience Automation (CXA) aspires to improve the caliber of customer interactions by deploying automation solutions such as AI chatbots and automated email campaigns. The fact that it automates the complete customer journey throughout the customer lifecycle means it’s more comprehensive ahead of marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM).

To convey the concept clearly; CXA is the use of communication solutions with prospective and existing customers to automate personalized interactions across multiple touchpoints. The kind of robotic process automation (RPA), automating routine tasks is associated with customer experience automation (CXA). 

To understand CXA, picture yourself entering a store where the salesmen greet you by name, recall your most recent purchase, and recognize what you need right now without asking.

Customer Experience Automation creates an interconnected personalized experience that encourages customer pleasure, loyalty, and advocacy, making every customer feel like the most important one.

Components of Customer Experience Automation

The following components must be present for customer experience automation to be effective:


Based on your current consumer data, identify areas where automation is most beneficial and essential. This will allow you to arrange your touchpoints and contact clients as needed.


Collect customer data from various sources to create a unified view of the customer for better segmentation and targeting. 


Seek data and advanced algorithms to deliver personalized content and product recommendations. 

Automated email campaigns

Send targeted emails based on customer behavior, preferences, and life cycle stages. 

Ways to Implement CX Automation 

It is indisputable that CX automation is important, with projections indicating that AI and machine learning will automate 40% of customer interactions. Here are a few possibilities for adopting CXA, and simplifying your business processes; 

  • Support tickets should be automatically routed according to priority and issue. AI can direct customers to the appropriate solution promptly when they have an urgent need to solve an issue.

80% of customers indicate they prefer this method. The reason? To satisfy customers and deliver agents the time they need to handle higher-priority work.  

  • Use a variety of automated emails to improve customer engagement, including commercial communications, welcome emails to new subscribers, and notifications for abandoned carts.
  • Link your CRM to your support desk and ticketing software to combine your data. 
  • Additionally, live chat makes it easier for customer support agents to arrange and handle inquiries, without putting their phone on hold. 


CXA can turbocharge your contact center with the appropriate technology and optimal procedures. For companies of all sizes, the feature-rich, user-friendly Leadsrain contact center solution is budget friendly. It has all the automation required to deliver a first-rate customer experience. 


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