What is Call Barging and How Does it Work?

What is Call Barging?

Call Barging is a function that enables you to listen in on real-time conversations between customers and representatives. This function gives the manager or supervisor the advantage of being able to oversee call quality while also mentoring the contact center agents.

Call Barging transforms this supervisor-to-agent and agent-to-client call into an all-party conference call. The supervisor or manager can stop by and assist the agent and the customer if the client raises questions about recent activities or items that the agent cannot address.

Benefits of Call Barging

It enables call center managers to listen in on ongoing conversations without the caller or a call center staff being aware. It lets you join a live call stream and communicate with the caller and the agent.

Here are a few benefits of the Call Barging feature in Call Centre Software.

1. Monitoring and Training:

Call Barging enables managers and supervisors to keep an eye on ongoing calls to make sure that agents are adhering to company regulations, providing outstanding customer service, and using best practices. Additionally, this tool enables managers to teach agents how to develop their talents and give them real-time feedback.

2. Escalation and Support

A consumer could occasionally need help that an agent is unable to give. Call Barging enables a manager or supervisor to swiftly step in and offer the support required to fix the problem.

3. Quality Assurance

Call Barging is a crucial tool for quality control in Call Centres. This function allows supervisors to monitor calls, provide agents feedback, and guarantee that all client interactions are of the greatest caliber.

4. Emergency Handling Tool

Call Barging can be used to swiftly link a manager or supervisor with an agent in an emergency so they can offer direction and help. This can be particularly crucial when a client is dealing with a medical emergency or a security danger.

How Call Barging Works with LeadsRain?

LeadsRain’s call barging feature provides supervisors with the ability to monitor, train, assist, and ensure quality control over customer interactions in real time. The additional advanced features make this feature even more versatile and useful for call center management.

1. Create an Admin User:

To Barge or Monitor the Live Call on LeadsRain’s Predictive Dialer Software, one must have an admin user to log in to access the Real-time report section. On the Real-time Report section on LeadsRain’s admin interface, authorized users can barge the live call.

2. Configure a Soft Phone:

The admin user must need to configure a Softphone with his Admin user ID and need to use that 4-digit ID in the Monitor field in the Realtime Report section. Once his Soft phone gets a call, he needs to answer it to get connected.

3. Monitoring:

The first step in call barging with LeadsRain is to enable call monitoring. This feature allows supervisors to listen in on ongoing calls between agents and customers.

4. Call Barging:

To barge into the call, the supervisor can use a hotkey or button in the LeadsRain interface. This will allow the supervisor to enter the call and speak directly to the agent and customer.

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