What is the Good Time to do Cold Calls?

Best Time to do Outbound Calls

You’re energized for the day’s work. You’re motivated today to talk to lots of new consumers & prospects. You simply pick up the phone and begin dialing. But the majority of your calls end up on voicemail. You’re annoyed that you can’t reach your leads on the phone.

Then you start to wonder: Are you overlooking any crucial cold-calling advice? Or is cold calling ineffective right now in your line of work?

The fact is that the act of cold calling is still active. The only thing is you are reaching them at a bad time. If you want to make calls to prospects, you need to manage the call time, the appropriate time of day, and the week.

So, when is the best time of day for a sales representative to call prospects? What day of the week is ideal for closing deals? Let’s take a look.

What is the Best Time to Cold Call?

Cold calling is never simple, but what if you could tip the odds in your favor? People are more likely to respond positively when a question is posed in the evening, according to at least one study. You could try that scenario, but there are a lot of other things that could help you get the response you want.

1. Avoid Reaching Gatekeepers – Wait for No Assistants Time

The gatekeepers of American business are executive assistants. They have the responsibility of ensuring that only the most crucial information is filtered through in the streams of information being sent to their employers. Your call is likely to rapidly come to an end if you don’t check off everything on your checklist. You could have a chance if you pick up the phone when the gatekeepers aren’t at their desks, though.

Consider working outside of the typical 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. hours or even before or beyond the standard 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. hours.

2. Less Observed Holidays

On Thanksgiving and Christmas, the majority of businesses are closed. Less employers permitted employee holiday time on Veterans Day. Plan your cold calls for a holiday that isn’t commonly observed, and you might be able to outsmart your rivals.

3. Time spans that are usually Less Busy

A survey revealed that Tuesday is the most productive day of the week. Only 10% of people say Friday is their big get-it-done day, and Monday comes in second. That is reasonable.

It’s simple to lose concentration on Friday afternoon as the weekend approaches and utilize that time to catch up on miscellaneous tasks. Also, because of this, Friday afternoon is the ideal time to conduct a cold call. Your prospects could be surprisingly open to your message, and you’re less likely to disrupt meetings or other important work.

What is Worst Time and Day for Cold Call?

Like To Do list there is always a Do Not Do list for fair practices and better results. Likewise, for cold calling, some do not call time and days which must be avoided. Let’s have a look at it also.

  • Federal Holidays

Federal holidays have a lot of significance to individuals in North America. Thanksgiving or Christmas celebration interruptions only make your reps appear desperate and out of touch, neither of which will help them close more deals.

  • Early in the Morning

Most people find that the early morning hours are the best for concentration, in-depth work, and uninterrupted task completion. By breaking such hours, your reps risk upsetting the prospect.

  • After hours & Weekends

Calling in after hours can interrupt someone’s family dinner or downtime, which can leave a bad first impression. Not everyone is online constantly, though some are. A rep would probably be foolish to take that chance.

Most Expected and Accepted Calling Time

The likelihood of receiving a response is increased by calling during peak conversion hours, but there is also the most competition. Your reps should be savvy in light of this. Contrary to popular belief, calling outside of business hours may be the best option since there will be less competition for their attention.

Above all,

There is no one day or time that will guarantee the success of a cold call, not even with all the professional advice in the world. Everyone is unique, that much is true. Some potential customers might respond during the day. Some people may not.

Some people are early birds who are eager to take on significant issues even before their first cup of coffee. Some might automatically reject you merely for calling on a Friday afternoon when all they want to do is pack up for their much anticipated fishing retreat.

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