How much does Auto Dialer Cost?

How much does Auto Dialer Cost

Auto Dialers is the heart of a Contact center, an integral part of any organization, indulged in the lead generation process. But, when they take the most critical decision, choosing the right auto dialer software, there is always a question in mind, how much does it cost?

There are various pricing methods available throughout in industry, but the most popular among them are Pay per minute and Pay per seat pricing methods. Pay per minute pricing model is growing, and in-demand pricing structure most of the small and medium scale contact centers are looking for. Even most industry giants are adopting this cost-effective pricing model.

Pay-per-minute has many benefits over the pay-per-user pricing method, especially in recent times where uncertainties are everywhere and team size can go up and down like a roller coaster.

We believe that the customers must pay for what they actually use, and hence we offer Pay per minute pricing, which is popularly known as Pay as you go pricing.

How do we charge for an Auto Dialer?

At LeadsRain, A Web-based Dialer cost you as little as 1.25cents/min with the benefit of 6-second incremental billing. Our base plan starts with $200 where you will get 10000 minutes to use. Explore Cloud Auto Dialer pricing plans to find the best that suits your requirements.

No Software Charges:

We at LeadsRain, do not charge for software. We are fully operational on the cloud. You just need to create your account with us and start with the plan that suits your contact center capacity and requirements.

No Installation Charges:

As we are offering a Cloud-based Auto Dialer, there is nothing to install to use it. Sometimes you may require a softphone in some cases, but that will also be free software that you can download and install in your system from the web at no cost.

No Charges per Agent:

No Charges per Agent or Per seat. All the agents can use the purchased credits simultaneously—no need to pay for an Agent who is not working temporarily or on leave.

No Cost for Scaling up:

If you are upto expanding your team size or a temporary hike in the number of agents due to a specific project, you need not pay extra to scale up. Just create agent IDs for new teammates, and they can use the same credits your existing team is using.

Pay only when you Use:

We at LeadsRain, do not charge any monthly fixed amount to use the auto dialer. Whatever credits you purchase with your plan will be there for 90 days from the date of purchase if you are on a small break or vacation, no need to pay for those days.

Never Pay for your Failures:

We only bill the answered calls, either by human or machine. We do not charge for the calls that are dialed but not answered either way.

No Hidden Charges and Auto Debits:

We do not have any hidden charges and do not save the card details for auto-debits. We will charge your cards or payment account only when you initiate the payment from your end.


We, at LeadsRain, believe in transparency. We value the hard-earned money of each of our customers, and hence we charge them for the service when they use it. We are not in favor of payment from clients when their campaigns are on vacation. Get in touch with our experts now to know more and achedule a demo to get started now.


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