How much does Auto Dialer Cost?

how much does auto dialer cost leadsrain

It can cost as little as 1.25 cents per minute. That’s it! No additional costs!

No Software charges
Our browser-based predictive dialer works in all leading browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, which means you do not bear any additional costs in terms of additional software or hardware.

No Agent charges
Our predictive dialer software gives you the freedom to add and remove agents free of cost without anytime you want. Be free to expand or shrink your team at your convenience.

Only pay for what you use
We follow the pay per use model and only charge the minutes used. Pay now only for the duration of call made. check out Auto Dialer pricing model.

Never Pay for your failures
We only bill the calls answered either by a human or a machine, we do not charge based on number of attempts or number of seats.

No Hidden charges
Pay online using Paypal or Credit Card/Debit Card once and you are good to go!

Our plans start at just 200$! Check out our plans here to find the best plan for you!


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