What is the Difference between Power Dialer and Predictive Dialer


The core of both the dialer is the same, they BOTH dial leads automatically and they are both auto dialers but that is where the similarities end. To understand the differences between the two dialers, lets first understand auto dialer and both power and predictive dialers individually.

Power dialer is a form of auto dialer that dials sequentially through a list of contacts (leads) and connect the live call and the agent. This type of dialer reduces the time an agent takes to manually dial each contact. But one of the major limitations of Power dialer is that it cannot differentiate between machine answered calls and human answered calls, hence, the agent has to sort through that himself which causes lower productivity for contact centre. This challenge gave birth to a smarter dialer i.e. Predictive Dialer – a dialer that predicts whether it is human answered call or machine answered call.

These smart features of Predictive Dialer allow contact centre to set and control the pace for dialing as required based on active agents and lead quality.

Now that you understand how each of the dialers work, it is easy to see that the fundamental difference lies in the pattern the dialers connects the calls to agent. Over and above smart calling, predictive dialers are usually feature-rich.

We have compiled a comparison chart of all the features you will need

Features Power Dialer Predictive Dialer
Auto Dialing Yes Yes
Call Recording Yes Yes
Call Routing Yes Yes
Active Agent Check No Yes
Smart AI No Yes
Human Voice Recognition No Yes
Productivity Moderate* High

*When measured on the basis of Human Interaction

What dialer you should be using?

We believe that no matter who are, what your need be, you should be using Predictive Dialer for your Contact Centre. Because Predictive Dialer offers all the features of a power dialer (including sequential dialling) with far better results. For example, our Predictive Dialer comes with an inbuilt option to drop a pre-recorded message when a voicemail machine answers, most power dialers require you to drop voicemails manually.


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