How to Choose a Right Call Center Dialer for your Business in 2024?


Dialers are the most important decision every Call Center has to make when they start their center or when they are looking to increase productivity or changes in the business. There are so many issues every call center is facing in common. Out of those some major issues are due to the wrong selection of appropriate call center tools and one of the most vital of those is the decision of selection of Dialer.

There are different types of dialers available that can be selected based on the requirement of the call center. Let’s discuss the available dialer option.

Types of Auto Dialers:

Progressive Dialer:

It’s a dialer that starts dialing slowly but gradually paces up the dialing if required based on the agent’s wait time and drops ratio.

Preview Dialer:

In this dialer, agents can see the details of the clients to whom they are going to make calls, and if they want they skip and select the person to call on their preference or other criteria. We can say it’s moreover like a manual dialer.

Power Dialer:

It dials the call for the connected agent and once he is done with the call and notes down the details, the dialer dial another call one by one.

Predictive Dialer:

It’s an autodialer that dials a fixed number of calls per available agent and predicts whether the call connected with the answering machine or human and connects the call with agent only those are human answered calls. With a Predictive dialer, unproductive calls like answering machine calls can be avoided and the agent’s productivity can be increased.


How to choose a Dialer for your Call Center?

Process of Call Center:

The selection of dialers mostly depends on what type of process the call center has. If mostly doing manual calls with a criteria-based selection of leads like in the debt collection process, then dialers like preview dialer will be suitable for them. Even a Predictive dialer can be used with a Manual dial option where agents can see the lead’s information before they call. Predictive dialers will offer more benefits at the same time as their advantages.

Size of Call Center team:

The size of the call center agent team can also be an important factor of consideration while selecting a dialer for the call center. If you have a big team size to manage with a huge number of leads to connect, the Cloud Auto dialer can be a good option. It helps to identify the productive leads from a bunch of unqualified leads. Also, it will help agents to connect only human-connected calls to avoid wasting time. With different types of reports and live monitoring, it will be a good dialer for managers to monitor the big team.

Inhouse or Remote Team:

Which kind of Call center agent team you have also put a high impact on the selection of call center dialer. If you have an In-house team then issues can be managed but if you have a Remote team or if it’s a blend of both then one must go for Cloud-based Predictive Dialer where all the agents can work from anywhere with the availability of a good system and internet. Also, a Web-based dialer will be a cherry on the top for this kind of team.

Ease of Using:

The Selection of a dialer should never overlook its ease of use. If the dialer is equipped with the most advanced features but if it is too confusing or difficult to use for agents, the best of the best-featured dialer can also bring the productivity down. So selection should always focus on ease of use for all types of people whether techno-friendly or not.

Functional features for Productivity Enhancement:

Every Call center has some specific requirements from the dialer like call recording, call monitoring and barging, different kinds of reports, 3-way calls etc., when selecting dialers you must have a checklist of the most frequently needed features for the smooth operation of the call center.

Easy Scalability:

When you start your call center it’s obvious that you might have a small team but you must keep your future planning in the eye while deciding about dialers. If you are going to expand shortly or anytime in the future, the dialer you choose should be easy to scale up. Like some of the Dialers with Pay per Minute pricing has no fixed monthly cost per agent. Which helps you to scale up anytime with increasing the usage and paying for that.

Training and Technical Support:

Every technology you use is going to give you problems at some point in your work. At that point, you need either pre-work Training or Instantly available Technical support to solve the problem and avoid downtime. Dialers with Call and Chat support will help a lot in such situations.

Free Trial:

A dialer that provides a Free Trial before you decide on them is good. It will help you to understand how that’s going to work for you and how many issues it has and how many of them can be solved instantly. How smooth it will make your call center process that could be easily make out from a good Free Trial

Summing it up, all the above-discussed factors are major ones to keep in mind while deciding on a call center dialer, still if you have a question in mind Contact us to discuss more.


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