Why To Choose Cloud Based Predictive Dialer


More call centers are opting for hosed dialer than the conventional premise based solutions than ever before. Cloud computing is certainly the future and in such a scenario it is only expected that cloud predictive dialer would be the most popular choice for call centers across the world. However, opting for predictive dialer software that is hosted in the cloud is not just a decision abiding by the trend. There are numerous rationales behind such a paradigm shift in preferences.

• The first major reason why you should choose cloud based predictive dialer software is its cost. A cloud predictive dialer doesn’t need to be purchased. You do not pay for the hosted dialer, you do not buy any database servers and you do not invest in having a CRM built. The predictive dialer software hosted in the cloud can be hired on the basis of the number of agents you have or the total minutes of calls that your call center is going to make. The expense of getting started with a cloud predictive dialer is practically nil in comparison with the investment you would have otherwise made to have such a solution in your premise.

• The upfront savings is not the lone reason. There is a lot of money you can save every month. There are recurring expenses in operating any predictive dialer software. You would need a core IT admin team who would have to work round the clock to ensure that the dialer is up and running. There are obvious maintenance issues and also technical glitches. You also need to keep upgrading the systems to stay in sync with time. With our hosted dialer, you do not have to spend a cent or a minute of pondering on any of such aspects. We consistently maintain our cloud predictive dialer and whether it is technical upgrades or ensuring round the clock up-time, your call center doesn’t have to be anxious about any such intricacy. The savings you make every month can contribute significantly to your operating margins.

• If you were to scale up your predictive dialer software to support more agents, there would be another round of investment and also a fair amount of planning, hiring and a lot of time has to be invested in the process. With our predictive dialer software, all you do is decide to scale up and the infrastructure is already there for you to get started in a matter of a couple of hours.

• The associated benefits of having state of the art CRMs, highly analytical reports and handy IT support from us are just the additional perks of using a cloud predictive dialer.