Voice Broadcasting for Schools and Colleges


For schools, have a good and reliable means of communication is an absolute necessity. Maintain contact with faculty members, students and parents can be a tedious and time consuming, especially for larger schools with thousands of students, however, with a modern technology called voice, the Communication has never been easier.

These systems can send pre-recorded messages to large groups with just one call. Today schools can send immediate notification to all faculty, staff and students regarding school closures or delays. The messages can also be sent in the event of an emergency to keep parents informed.

Schools can send voice transmissions for staff and faculty to remind them of meetings or conferences. The teachers who lead clubs or groups can use voice broadcasting to remind students and parents of the meetings or special events. Choir and band directors can send voice transmissions to announce upcoming fundraisers, give information about the performances and last minute instructions before an upcoming event.

Coaches found voice broadcasting to be a great tool to communicate with all team members. If a game is postponed or rescheduled, or practice times change, the coach can send the message to all of your team with just one phone call.

PTA can use this to inform parents and students know about special events, fundraising results, and updates on ongoing projects at school. Parent volunteers can also find a voice transmission service which is beneficial when you have to notify parents about supplies or other items that students may need.
Good communication is vital to any school. Parents as well as students and teachers need to know what is going on at all times. It is a great tool that schools have found that the time saving and very effective to keep everyone informed and in touch.

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