Voice Broadcasting your business with LeadsRain.com


Many people do not know the power of transmitting voice their products, services or business opportunity for thousands of potential customers within minutes. Voice broadcasting is perfect for all new and veteran marketers who want to succeed in making money from home. This amazing technology issue up to 200 calls per minute, and it takes about 10 minutes to set up a broadcast.

More importantly, this technology sorts the list by the national list of “Do Not Call” to avoid spam. This allows you to perform list as often as necessary without having to call a person who does not want to be called. A voice gives a personal touch to reach potential customers or prospects value. It will look like he took time from his busy schedule to personally call – a nice touch.

Voice broadcasting is a great alternative or addition to pay-per-click, post office, postal, hours of cold calling or advertising on television, and in most cases more affordable. Imagine how long it would take days or weeks to make a thousand phone calls – with voice transmission would take about 15 minutes to make a thousand calls. It really works, is easy to use and get results in minutes. With this technology, you can configure a broadcast to run every day or at a future date. There is a difference between working hard and working smart fight or fly together. This software provides a high-tech blend of technology and online.

This amazing technology works in any time zone and direct calls has lost its broadcast to your email. You will get the phone numbers, the time the call was made allowing you to return calls at your convenience. Most systems will provide a status report that will tell you how many calls were made, how many were answered live, how many went to his voice mail, how many numbers are disconnected and how many calls were not answered at all. This information is important for you to track your progress. Voice broadcasting also works great for churches and schools to keep its group meetings, announcements, cancellations, upcoming events and reminders.

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