Short-listed Voice broadcast message for your Industry

Voice Broadcast



A Voice broadcast message is generally forty-second long. It is mostly used to deliver a general message to the masses. It has to be on point as this proactive method is one of the most used in emergency situations. It is used by various industries to send deft messages to their wide prospective audience or existing clients or to the general populace.

Here are the top Voice broadcast messages filtered out by our marketing team across industries for you to get a good idea of what qualifies as a precise and proactive voice broadcasting message.


Good morning America, Chord Motors has launched its much awaited GZ 1000 model and that is now available in selected showrooms across major States of The USA. Visit Chord Showrooms now!


Still thinking the safest place to keep your money is under the mattress. Ah, well there’s a safer place that will give you returns too, magical no? Well, the magicians are the team members of Aloha Funds. These dedicated people know the value of every penny and will help you manage and grow your capital like you wish for. Aloha Funds contact us today.

Real Estate

It said that one of the most needed and noblest luxuries are a garden and a library. Wish to transform your lifestyle, by buying a condo in the upstreet, that houses a garden and a dedicated library space. The Maple Green Condos are based in a secluded part of the city of serene quietude, yet a very much part of it. For more details visit on our website at our website.


Does your child have difficulty with numbers? Is their least favorite subject Maths? Worry no more Gilmore Classes are here. Our certified and experienced teachers in the field of Mathematics can make things work for your kids, Our teachers are qualified with Vedic Maths Technicalities, and will make maths nothing but fun for your kids. Our batches are starting this October. Visit us at our website.


My dear honeymooners, do not book the very first flight to Hawaii. Pecan Tour Planners have got several customizable packages at prices you would just not believe. Take your special him or her to the Cathedrals of Spain, the Basilica of Rome, to the Ben Tower or the Eiffel Tower, anywhere in Europe Pecan Tour Planners bring you deals you just can’t deny.


This is New York State Police Department, the provision of ration to the flood-affected areas is now in execution. We will be covering the whole of south New York by 3 PM in the afternoon. To report any missing person or missing people leads call us on +1 XXX-XXXX-6511. I repeat +1 XXX-XXX-6511. We would like you to just stay calm and patient. Be safe the help is arriving soon.


Hello, People of America, this is your president-elect. I’m glad that you are hearing my voice over this number. My voice is so great. Now follow me on twitter @theuspresident. Puerto Ricans I hope you liked that toilet papers. Bye Bye. Yeah, and also stay safe.


Hey, do you still think the safest place to put your money is under the carpet? Well, we can provide you a safer one and also give you great returns plus security. Isn’t this magical? Well, the magicians are the team members of Real Alliance. We know the value of your every hard earned penny. We will not only help you keep your money secure but guide you to manage it.


Are you thinking of buying a house and make the process of buying really easy, you need an expert in mortgages. CLN Mortgage is a firm that has employees that are experts in their respective fields of getting you a home. We do not divert our customers into other services or make them buy things they do not want to.