Top Trending Marketing Strategies in Affiliate Summit East 2020

Best Trending Marketing strategies in Affiliate Summit East 2019

It’s that time of year when performance marketers over are making preparation to visit the Big Apple. Yes, it’s time for Affiliate Summit East 2020! #ASE20  Surely it would be as enriching as it was last year. Before you know more about all the new things that you would love to implement in your marketing strategies, here is a list of 5 winning strategies that we believe would be the talk of the town this year at Affiliate Summit East 2020 #ASE20.

Email Marketing Strategies 

Old is gold will always hold true for Email Marketing Strategy, one of the first channels that markers used is very much relevant today! Having a good marketing strategy can do wonders for your lead generation.

These are the factors that you should keep in mind when creating an amazing Email Marketing Strategy.

Mobile device friendly

When your websites can be responsive and adaptive why can’t your emails be? With increase of mobile device users, ignoring the awkward scrolling or unreadable fonts on small screen can very well mean a dip in sales.


Not every cat person will appreciate that cute puppy video that you sent or vice versa right? So it’s important to separate people based on their interest to leverage their connection and send personalized content.

Call to Action to call

It’s the rain that grows flowers, not the thunder! It won’t really matter how loud you shout the benefits of availing your services are if your clients don’t know how to avail them! Include a strong CTA and prompt a call back at the end of your email and let your agents do what they do best!

Add Value

Make sure to share content that your customers find value in! They have all the internet to obtain random information any day. Curate your best content, the content that your users would love to know more about. This will not only build better brand perception but also make your customers wait for your mails!

Umbrella Approach

If there was such a thing as “The Perfect” marketing strategy, Umbrella Approach would be it. Umbrella Approach is a marketing strategy that aims to maximize the channels through which a lead can be reached. We offer an approach that maximizes all your touchpoints. Here are three reasons why Umbrella Approach is the best strategy.

Lead Nurturing

Every marketing channel has a niche that can fully be realized with that channel only. For example, nothing can beat the value of a contact centre in complaints resolution and lead generation. Utilize different services at different stages of your campaigns with our blended approach. Nurture your lead from end to end in the customer’s journey with you.

Increase Touchpoints

It takes at least 3 different contacts before customers retain a brand in their memory. A blended approach with multiple channels increases your brand visibility and also helps drive more sales. Coupling an SMS text with inbound call upgrades the communication between you and your customer.


With blended approach, you don’t have to be restricted to a single channel of communication. You can have a different channel for the outbound flow of information and have a different inbound channel. For example, sending a Ringless Voicemail with a call back prompt utilizes the USP of Ringless Voicemail to educate and inform the lead, whereas a call back prompt utilizes the unmatched ability of human agents to convert a lead into a customer.

Push Notification

In the growing mobile age, Push Notification is sometimes a one-click conversion tool you can use to boost your sales. Having a good strategy is key to maximizing returns from your Push Notification. Below are a few points that your strategy must include.

Opt-out option

No one wants to be forced to do things that they don’t like, reading notifications may be one of them. In fact, it is mandatory to have an opt-out function and send notifications only to those that have consented to hear more from you. You can use our text message service to enable the opt-out feature, where customer can simply send a text to you.


Put efforts where chances of conversions are high, triggers work based on this concept. You define a set of triggers or actions that your user does when the actions are performed, you pitch your sales. For example, annual subscriptions of a client are about to expire and customer has visited the renewal page but not resubscribed. A notification on your app that promises to prompt a call back from your help desk will help retain and increase leads.

Sharp Content

A single notification can have only limited text, making it all about sales or vice versa can be detrimental! Hence, creation of content that walks a fine line between them is crucial. Remember more prompts for a call back lead to more sales!

Facebook Lead Ads

No one can deny that Facebook is the most widely recognized and used social media platform. Ads on Facebook offer a chance to reach a global audience and to only target the ads at people who are more likely to be your customers, commonly known as targeted Ads. Facebook ads are known to generate a steady stream of leads and drive sales.

Facebook Lead Ads simplifies the lead generation for performance marketers since it pre-populates the form with the data of the user. This is great since it increases the chances of conversions but for a performance marketer, it is a lot more than just pre-populated form!

CRM Integration

LeadsRain API offers complete integration with Facebook Lead ads to seamlessly add leads to your campaign of choice. For a truly hands-off experience.

Reduce drop-offs

Seamless integration offers another benefit of taking action fast. Establishing contact when the lead is hot not only leads to better conversions but also prevents it from getting poached by competitors.

Enriched Pitches

Data shared by Facebook enriches customer engagement with your agent. The availability of the data with the agents before making the calls allows them to make informed pitches that are twice as appealing to the lead.


Customize your forms and thank-you pages with good visuals and valuable content to make it more appealing to your clients.

LeadsRain’s PRO TIP: Add a good CTA like “Call to learn more!” to create a steady inbound calling stream.

Influencer Marketing

Many corporate firms would be a bit hesitant to trust their brand in the hands of green-haired teen who wears sneakers. If you are one of them, here’s the good news, you don’t have to! You wouldn’t look up industry updates on Instagram, right? You are more likely to do that on Linkedin! Similarly, like various social media platforms that have their own flavours and niches, influencers have their own expertise. Today you can find influencers specializing in all aspects possible!

Influencers drive engagement and bring their followers to dramatically boost your brand visibility and reach. A simple call back prompt or recommendation to text on number has ability to create a 2x response rate than other channels.

When creating an Influencer Marketing Strategy remember to find the right Influencer for your brand. It is very important to select the right influencer among Bloggers, Social Media Stars, Industry Experts, Thought Leaders or even Customers! Each has their own set of followers and each sends out a unique message that you would like to send to your customers, so choose wisely.

If you think you have what it takes to be LeadsRain Affiliate partner, join us!

Final words

These are just a few of the new and exciting strategies that you can use to boost your lead generation we will see talked and discussed in the Affiliate Summit East 2020. We are just as excited as you to know and learn more about marketing and the innovations out there. See you at Affiliate Summit East 2020, we would be glad to interact with you! Contact us here!