Toll Free Voice Broadcasting and mail Service


Through free voicemail and virtual phone service you can maintain constant contact with their customers. Moreover, you can project your organization as one that offers unparalleled customer service.

Present a credible business image

With hosted PBX number free voicemail and virtual phone service guarantees customer satisfaction. Its efficient business management will attract a greater number of customers and you can easily stay ahead of its competitors in the competitive business world. This is an exceptional phone service with call management features top-notch, as find me follow me call forwarding, automated attendant, fax to email, voicemail to email, message notification and more.

Telecommunications System perfect for your Office Small Business

With free voicemail and virtual phone service that you can control your business from any remote location. You can establish a virtual business presence in any preferred area without establishing physical offices.

Calls to the official numbers are moved to your current location using the find me follow me call forwarding feature. If calls remain unanswered after a specified number of rings, calls go to voice mail system where you can leave voice messages. The system can handle multiple calls simultaneously and callers will not get busy signals, even during peak hours. Received voice messages are sent to the official email accounts of its employees. Mailboxes will be provided personalized voicemail to all employees. Depending on your changing business needs, you can even keep multiple mailboxes for multiple departments.

Use style features reasonable charges

To take advantage of the sophisticated features of this phone system, it is necessary to maintain costly PBX equipments in your office. These are kept in the service provider’s site and PBX services are offered through a hosted server with high-speed Internet or dedicated telephone connections. Free Voicemail and Virtual Phone Service is a beneficial option for small businesses, the best part is that it can be used for reasonable monthly charges.

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