Staff Scheduling is a Must for Every Call Center

Why it is important to schedule their agents accurately … And there is a way to accomplish this easily and inexpensively?

The importance of call center agents programming is precisely to serve the customers in a timely manner, resulting in a more efficient workforce, achieving the cost of the call center. Properly optimized resources and reduce stress agent turnover. Again reducing expenses.

The key is to first accurately predict call volume during a given period of the day and week. Management systems of labor that integrate with your ACD center calls automatically calculated.

But what if you do not have workforce management software, or have the budget for an integrated for $ 20,000 or more WFM system. Many companies start using some kind of spreadsheet, such as Excel; export the data from your ACD reports. They analyze these data set formulas to determine how many agents are required for each half hour based on a desired level of service, and then manually enter dates in the agents. This method has a significant amount of time for someone to handle, especially if there are thirty or more agents.

Can planning agents can easily and inexpensively? The answer is of course yes. There are a couple of software programs that automatically calculates the number of agents needed to achieve the desired service levels and allow you to take into account breaks , lunch , absenteeism, and other activities phone goes to optimize agent schedules .

EASYSTART is a “wizard” interactive walkthrough for creating a spreadsheet to schedule your call center agents for both phone and other types of work phone. This is a software program for conducting simplified schedules providing agent programming level base.

AgentTime Programmer is much more extensive than has three modules for a more in depth using Extended Erlang -C methods to create staffing levels required agents , simulation analysis to perform “what-if ” scenarios and planner create agent schedules turn based, service level requirements and preferences of the agent.

Call Centers who understand the importance of setting the time for the agent’s phone call activity entrants are in a better position to succeed and most importantly retain customers. Everyone is competing for the limited group of potential customers and as has been shown “that is much less expensive to keep a customer than find a new one.”


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