Slangs Used In Sales, You’d Love To Know If you don’t already…

Slangs Used In Sales

Well all the sales veterans and even the novices know that a salesperson has to dip all their words in sugar and their minds in ice, but that’s while conversing with prospects and customers. We all know the slangs hanging their in the back offices and canteens of a corporate space. Here are some of sales slang we are accustomed to and why you shouldn’t use any of them in front of your customers!


Bluebird symbolically means happiness, also a blue bird is rare to find, In corporate field it stands for something similar: for a definite opportunity; a leveraging customer that is going to make you huge profits. Mostly one that is begotten without much prior knowledge or not having put that much of efforts, generating hefty revenue nonetheless.

Bottom of the funnel (BOFU)

BOFU is a slang used for a prospect that has almost become a customer. The person has cleared several qualifications at the top of the funnel, and is now at the bottom level of the funnel, ready to let the deal close. Similarly there is TOFU and MOFU suggesting the top and the middle of the funnel.

Brag book

A Brag Book is a compilation of itemised testimonials, case studies, mails and comments from your satisfied customers. In all the strategies designed for better salesforce, this is one of the must have qualities mentioned.

Closed question

Contrary to open ended question that in a way renders the prospect directionless, thus getting affected to a lot of attributes and biases, closed ended questions necessitate the prospect to answer in yes or no, or the like thus to take a stand. (Example: “Are you happy with your current services?”)

Coffee’s for closers

The legendary dialogue from the movie The Fallout Boys, has always been resonating in the sales and marketing fields and is sure isn’t going anywhere, denoting the echelon closers stand at.


The number of calls made divided by the amount of leads generated.

Emotional sale

A sale made by appealing to the emotions and feelings of people rather than being all logical about your product. Elucidating the benefits of experience by the products, cashing into emotions like enticement, fear, frustration etc.

Atomic Pencil

A relatively less used, but one nonetheless, any project or product that generates a continuous flow of money.

Blew Out

Slang used for a prospect that has been given an exorbitant rate or figure in the very beginning, this will either rise their thinking or blow them out of the dealership.

Green Pea

Simply a new salesperson.

Intellectual sale

Opposite of an emotional sale, this sale is done by pitching in the prospects head by logic and technicalities. A rather professional sale than an emotional one.

Puppy dog close

Unconditional positive regard, psychology of morally indebting a human being. Give them two months of free trial, or a walk through your websites all exclusive features and access for a specific amount of time. Having gotten all of these plus the services dipped in honey it would be difficult for them to turn away from buying the product or services.

Smile and dial

This will come in really handy when a sales rep is making a cold call, obviously because of an unsolicited move to engage. To nullify whatever the annoyance, try smiling while speaking, will to your surprise, give your speech a cheerful quality.

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