Sip a bit of Psychology to Win The Hearts of The Customers


Sip a bit of Psychology to win the hearts of the customers

‘Customer is king’, this phrase connects with any business you name. Since the customer is the center of the business universe, it becomes the topmost priority for a business to please them and make them feel cared. As long as you continue to woo them, they are all standing there with you. A customer calls the representative to get the problem solved, both cheerfully greet each other, rep listens to the customer with humbleness and customer being gracious, agrees with representatives solution.

Now that sounds like a dream sequence right? In the world where we live, an ‘Unhappy’ customer who has already surpassed the tolerance zone while talking to a representative, couldn’t talk warmly. Such intense emotions are strongly associated with mind and contact center agents can deal with them if they can get their hands on little bit psychology. You may startle!? Would be thinking that what the hack an agent will lead to by knowing psychology?

Well, it might strike to you as rocket science, how ever in reality, it goes very straight.  Few human elements remain intact wherever you go, namely : behaviour, needs, choice and desire. A thing called psychology is nothing but the interrelationship amongst these elements.

The match point

It is quite essential to understand the motivation part for both the sides. Which factor motivates one to act upon, which is desired thing to be attained, etc. As you get, for the consumers the motivation could be a solution to the problem that they are suffering. The solution in comforting manner which will make them feeling cared.Whereas for agents, it should be their motive to provide the solution that customers seek and ultimately provide them with an ease.

Principle of promise

To give an assurance and living up to that, are both quite different things and furthermore, assurance is always easier to say than obey.However, a recent psychological study reflects that once you keep your promise, you are most likely to earn the faith of the next person. The same applies for the agents while pursuing a customer. Know your capabilities and make little promises accordingly, to win the trust of consumer. It turns out that trust is the most precious asset you could own when it comes to deal with consumer.

Positivity makes a difference

Though positive attitude is really crucial at every phase of life, we tend to take positivity for granted while actually executing the task. Infuse your customers with a right dose of positivity that it would impose them with the favourable thoughts and a pleasant experience. They purchase your service and you serve them, that’s how this goes, however when you have conversation with a positive note, the customer is going to remember it for a long while. Maybe, next time this customer wouldn’t go mad at you in case of a trouble. Well, you never know. Be positive.

There are enumerable small pieces of consumer mindset, which can get your business to the paramount position, if you place them at right place.