Why we need Security and Encryption on Voice over Internet Protocol?


In the age of electronic communication, the government does not like, you know, there are certain technical, are beyond their control. With the traditional PSTN telephone system, tapping the call is not a problem. You only need to monitor the line, and get call records contact your telephone company and have established procedures. VoIP came in and changed all that.

There are many inherent problems when it comes to tracking VoIP call. First, it is on the Internet, so did not tell an IP packet routing, will take different from ordinary landline phone. In addition, the legal framework is not fully in place. VoIP service provider might have to defend himself, and said that they just provide services. How others are used, it is not their business. However, the Government has been able to obtain phone records and other services and many software developers are actively working to allow backdoor access. Skype is a well-known example.

The real problem is eavesdropping Voice Broadcasting Software call technology. Some services, such as Skype implements strong cryptography policy, which makes the data completely unable to eavesdropping. That is why, the only way the service providers themselves. But even here, but also allows completely secure, encrypted communications, even to the owners of the application cannot access the system. This is why some countries have banned the use of these encryption methods – because one of the reasons why this may be in vain.

The Internet and the government have always had an uneasy relationship. BlackBerry famous duel with a country like India, who cannot understand, some messages are only designed to be secure from the ground up. BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) system is designed in such a way that only the owners of the system message. This means that any government requirements call records need to apply for the business itself. Naturally, this does not sit well with those in power.

But what can you do it? Nothing. There is evidence that these powerful tools are becoming regular customers. Mycelium Communications has released a program called “spores”, integrating the Android mobile phone system software, and allows completely secure VoIP calls, even the mycelium cannot decrypt or track. Many people think that the customer is not really interested in secure communications, but it is how long before the popular cloud based predictive dialer VoIP applications into the system foolproof security from the ground up? The government will do?

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