Searching Cloud based Predictive Dialer


As head of a sales team, it was my responsibility to choose the best predictive dialer on the market. My team investigated the predictive dialer Asterisk and other systems and I presented the research.

Initially our plan was to create a call center at home. We were going to invest in equipment and software. After reviewing the research that quickly changed gears and focused on web-based systems. The initial investigation we receive about Web-based systems focused on automatic dialing. An auto dialer is not the right solution for sales organizations. They are illegal to use unless you have a prior relationship with the caller. This makes them effective in calling schools students etc. but not for a sales organization.

Our company has customers in many industries including:

– Mortgage Industry

– Industry sales

– Banking and Finance

– Insurance

– Professional Services

– Payment of debt

We wanted to find a system that has been useful for our internal purposes and for our customers. After consulting with several experts in the industry and talk with experienced telemarketers conclude the best system we must have:

– Predictive dialing

– Call Recording

– Track Operator

– VoIP technology

– The web-based operations

– Client Intake Forms customizable

– Lead Tracking, callback and programming

There were several systems on the market that we tested. Some had all the features but they were too complex to establish and operate or were too expensive. Other systems had most but not all the important features we were looking for.

Our research has led us to an article that has many of the systems that we had also tested and we agreed with the conclusions of the article. There were a couple of the recommended systems had not yet tried. The article recommended (and which consequently selected) was offered by Soft Solutions secure. We found the system very easy to set up (in fact we had the free trial up and running in 30 minutes) and our telemarketing staff liked the interface.

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