Top Sales Tools to Rejuvenate Productivity of Telesales Team

Top Sales Tools to Rejuvenate Productivity of Telesales Team

Converting leads is not an easy feat in the 21st century. In addition to having soft skills like grit, empathy, and drive, you also need to know how to reach potential and existing customers. That is, you have to find ways to be relevant and relatable at every touchpoint.

While it is a complicated and daunting task to achieve, there are tools you can leverage to help make things simpler for your telesales teams. These have become increasingly popular and will only continue to grow. A Grand View Research report indicated the global market for sales force automation tools would expand at a CAGR of 8.3% in the next seven years.

What Is Telesales?

Selling goods or services over the phone is known as telesales. Through great client connections, telesales aims to increase repeat business. To support field sales agents, telesales representatives call consumers to push offers or schedule appointments.

As a telesales professional, you call current and potential clients directly to persuade them to take advantage of your offers. Telesales come in two flavors: inbound and outbound. Although outbound reps phone leads to create sales, inbound agents take calls from both prospective and current customers.

What Are Sales Tools?

The technologies salespeople use to facilitate their work are called sales tools. Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales analytics and forecasting, sales acceleration, and information integrations are just a few of the resources that fall under the umbrella of the sales tool.

Most Preferred Sales Tools of Telesales Team

Sales tools are excellent for helping your telesales teams under which leads are most likely to convert and thus need to be pursued more cautiously. The tools below are designed to save your team time on tedious tasks. They’re also sorted into critical categories such as CRM, sales analytics, and customer success.

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

One of the most important telesales tools that each telesales representative should have is CRM software. Telesales agents can manage their customer data with the aid of CRM software, track their leads, and plan follow-up calls. Telesales representatives may access customer data, such as contact details, purchase history, and notes, in real-time thanks to CRM software, which can enable them to customize their pitch to each customer’s unique needs.

Telesales representatives can follow their leads as they progress through the sales cycle, from the first point of contact to the final close, thanks to CRM software. The ability to program automatic follow-up calls or emails for telesales representatives can help them keep organized and improve their chances of closing agreements.

There are numerous CRM software choices, including Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, and Zoho CRM. These tools are an invaluable asset for any telesales team because they include a variety of functions like lead tracking, email integration, and reporting.

2. Cloud Auto Dialers:

Auto dialers are another telesales tool that can improve productivity and assist telesales employees in saving time. By automatically dialing phone numbers and connecting the call to an available agent, auto-dialers automate the process of phoning prospects.

Telesales representatives may be able to reach more prospects and close more deals if they use auto-dialers to make more calls in less time. Telesales representatives may not need to manually dial phone numbers when using auto dialers, which lowers the possibility of making mistakes or spending time on unsuccessful calls.

One of the apparent auto dialer choices is LeadsRain’s Cloud based Auto Dialer. This tool offers a wide range of functions, including call scripting, call analytics, and practically all the features a telesales team would anticipate from an autodialer, making it an invaluable asset for any telesales team.

3. Sales Intelligence And Sales Prospecting

Your telesales team can put all the required info in front of the people they should be speaking with by using sales intelligence to assist them in identifying exactly who, what, and when to reach out to them. Sales intelligence technologies offer background data on these contacts, including purchase history, active contracts, corporate goals, and digital footprints.

Check out some helpful sales intelligence tools your telesales team can benefit immensely from:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Sales Navigator makes it easier to start and expand interactions with prospects and clients on LinkedIn.
  • ZoomInfo SalesOS: The largest, most precise, most often updated collection of insights, data, and buying intent information about businesses and contacts is maintained by ZoomInfo.
  • Apollo helps sellers and marketers find more potential clients, interact with contacts, and develop a cutting-edge go-to-market plan.

4. Call Recording Software:

Another crucial telesales tool that can aid telesales representatives in honing their sales techniques and delivering better client service is call recording software. Telesales representatives can use call recording software to record customer interactions for quality assurance, training, or regulatory compliance.

Telesales representatives can pinpoint areas for improvement, such as their pitch or objection-handling abilities, by listening to their recorded calls. Telesales managers can also use call recordings to track the performance of their staff and offer criticism and coaching to help them become better salespeople.

Numerous call recording software alternatives are accessible and simple to use. These tools are an invaluable asset for any telesales team because they include a variety of capabilities like call transcription, call tagging, and call statistics.

5. Sales Analytics Tools

A term that refers to tools and systems that help salespeople successfully improve the performance of their sales operations while forecasting trends and outcomes and uncovering pertinent insights is sales analytics software.

When assessing where salespeople, items, and campaigns work the best and where they might improve, they give sales managers a detailed insight by breaking down sales into digestible chunks.

Here are some sales analytics for telesales:

  • HubSpot Sales Hub: The software includes tools to assist you in tracking deal estimates, sales performance reports, and efficiency logs.
  • Power BI: A flawless Excel integration, hundreds of various data visualization techniques, a range of built-in AI capabilities, and both pre-built and bespoke data connectors are all features that Power BI offers.
  • MaxG: MaxG is a unique product in its field. This B2B sales and suggestion engine provides insightful performance analytics for your marketing initiatives. You may evaluate the effectiveness of blogging and CTAs using MaxG.

6. Customer Success Tools

Businesses use customer success software to ensure consumers get the results they anticipate from using their goods or services. In other words, maximizing customer interactions and making sure the client succeeds.

These are some CS tools your team can make use of:

  • Userpilot: While primarily used for client onboarding, Userpilot still merits a mention on our list. Target accomplishment enables your client service teams to track how customers utilize your product.
  • HelpScout: Customer success is greatly influenced by customer education. Helpscout offers a cost-effective solution. You can build a self-serve knowledge base to give your customers the assistance and support they require to use your product.
  • SmartKarrot: An account intelligence engine built inside the rapidly expanding customer success platform SmartKarrot reduces customer attrition and promotes revenue growth.

7. CPQ Tools

A configure, price, quote (CPQ) tool allows businesses to automate the whole life of the quoting and proposal process, from the minute a customer specifies their requirements for a product until the moment a complete quote is sent to the customer or prospect.

Sales departments use CPQ software to quicken the sales cycle, enhancing quotation accuracy and client relationships. Check out some of our favorite tools for CPQ below:

  • Salesforce CPQ: An entirely native Salesforce component that streamlines contracting, bidding, and ordering processes. Businesses can simultaneously generate correct sales quotes and produce effective orders across a variety of devices, thanks to it.
  • Oracle CPQ Cloud: This potent CPQ product is appropriate for SMEs and rapidly expanding companies. Businesses in the business, finance, IT, distribution network, HCM/HR, and service industries are among those it is intended to serve.
  • ConnectWise Sell: A quote and proposal automation system hosted in the cloud for IT solution providers. It streamlines the quote-to-cash procedures so sales representatives can quickly and accurately draw quotations and proposals on any device.


Businesses can streamline their sales process and give sales staff more time to spend on customer interaction by automating the quotation process to make it quicker, more accurate, and easier.

We’ve compiled a list of ten excellent solutions for you, whether you want an Auto Dialer solution integrated with your current CRM software or a standalone solution. Connect with our experts at or schedule an appointment now to discuss more to streamline your business productivity with the most preferred telesales tools.