Innovative Sales Team Competition Ideas to Boost Performance and Morale

Sales Team Competition Ideas

We live in a world, where revenue is the king! Demonstrate your sales approach to reward it with the highest sales opportunities. The main goal of the sales team is to enhance sales for the entire organization. So, sales reps needed to be motivated and push their limits to achieve greater results. 

In this blog, we are talking about some wonderful and dynamic sales team competition ideas for overall improvement in sales performance. So, let’s jump into the blog and start exploring these amazing ideas and start implementing them one by one.

Why are Sales Team Competitions Important for Performance Boosting? 

Sales team competition is an essential objective for a positive working environment, enhancing employee engagement and job satisfaction. Through fostering a competitive culture, sales reps are motivated to excel and surpass their predetermined targets.

When the car is fueled it continuously works. Similarly, sales reps needed motivation to work properly & step ahead. Competition fuels a “sense of urgency” and pushes the sales team for continuous improvement in their skills and strategies.

Friendly rivalry leads each team member to learn from other’s successes or failures which makes them more skillful in their sales work. Also, competitions are important for the exchange of knowledge as the collective expertise of the entire team is being recognized. 

Moreover, sales team competition nurtures innovative and mindful growth among sales teams. Thus, drives the overall growth and success of the organization. 

15 Exceptional Sales Motivation Ideas to Inspire Your Team

Here are our 15 best sales contest ideas that you can try out to boost your sales. Start following these amazing and innovative sales competition ideas and observe the noticeable impact that your sales reps get i.e. motivation, camaraderie, confidence, and skill. 

1. Hold on Call Blitz

Get ready to make outbound calls within a specific timeframe to optimize sales efforts. In this competition, you can challenge each team member to make an outbound call within a specific time frame and the goal is to see who can make more successful calls. 

You can set a designated period i.e. a particular hour, a specific day, or a power week, during which all team members will actively participate and will focus on making more quality calls. Thus, winners can win exciting prizes for their outstanding performance. 

For example, you can create a  “Race against the timer” challenge, for this you set a time frame of 30 min or 1 hour and make every team member make as many high-quality outbound calls within the designated period. The team with the highest number of successful calls will win. 

This idea is designed to keep each team member motivated and inspired towards their work. Well, this competition will foster healthy competition and thereby encourage collaboration among team members. Ultimately driving revenue growth! 

2. Regularly Discuss Upselling and Cross-selling Contest

The idea of regularly discussing upselling & cross-selling will directly impact your business’s bottom line and ultimately drive impressive results. Analyze customer needs deeply and recognize opportunities that offer additional products/services that complement their initial purchase-making. 

Try to provide them with personalized offerings by understanding customer needs and preferences. Incorporating upselling and cross-selling into a friendly competition fosters a customer-centric approach. 

3. Showcase your Negotiation Ninja Skills

Maximize sales outcomes with valuable assets of sales professionals by showcasing your ninja skills i.e. negotiation. Achieve better profit margins with favorable terms and conditions and thus secure better deal opportunities. 

For example, you can organize the “demonstrating your ninja skills” challenge and create such scenarios where team members are assigned simulated/real negotiation with potential clients, develop persuasive arguments, and lastly seek mutually beneficial agreements. 

4. Generate Lead Conversion Marathon

Embark on this exhilarating sales team competition idea- “The Lead Conversion Marathon”. This idea mainly aims to convert leads into valuable customers ie. paid customers. Team members had a great opportunity to be champions if they were likely to gain more successful lead conversions. 

During this challenge, sales teams can demonstrate their lead generation skills using a sales dialer to nurture leads, build strong and meaningful conversations, and close the deal. This competition will push your limits and ultimately drive exceptional lead conversion rates. Thus, encourage healthy competition and try to offer regular updates and feedback for a high motivation level. 

For example, you can offer them bonus points for converting high-quality leads or create a leaderboard for tracking the team’s progress. 

5. Focus on Revenue Race

One of the top priorities for any sales team is revenue generation. By setting predetermined revenue targets and approaching a friendly competition environment, you encourage your teams to go a few steps ahead i.e. extra mile in generating sales. 

This idea is like knowledge-sharing collaboration for boosting overall revenue generation. 

For example, you can organize a revenue race challenge where sales reps can be given a specific target to achieve within a defined period like within a month. You can introduce various sales tactics and strategies that the sales team can optimize for their revenue race. 

6. Receive Customer Satisfaction Ratings

One of the innovative and creative ideas is to focus on customer satisfaction ratings. Each team member must go a few steps forward and ask customers to rate their satisfaction level after interacting with sales reps. 

Several ways are available for receiving customer feedback such as emails, online surveys, text messages, or even through phone calls. This idea not only motivates teams to offer outstanding services but also assists in identifying areas for improvement. 

Encourage team members to actively seek reviews from customers and try to address their concerns immediately. It’s a kind of culture for continuous improvement. 

7. Deliver Sales Storytelling Slam

One of the fun and interactive team-building activities perfect for pitch delivery skills. Enhance this activity daily with your sales team to improve skills and level their confidence. This storytelling slam will foster a competitive spirit and will bring excitement and engagement to your team.

For example, your sales team goal is to pitch a “new software solution”, so kindly divide it into small groups and each group has to craft and deliver a sales pitch tailored to that specific customer. End with receiving constructive feedback. 

8. Create SQL sales contest

Gamify your sales process! You must consider SQL sales contests and optimize CRM systems for tracking and monitoring. To track team members’ progress, the Opt CRM system monitors the number of SQLs generated, conversion rates, and revenue received from each lead. 

For example, you can set a minimum target of 50 SQLs within a given period. Top performers who exceed their targets could win a sponsored trip or a cash bonus. 

This level of transparency will help the sales team achieve their predetermined goals, thereby driving friendly competition. Enjoy seamless tracking and monitoring with SQL Sales Contest! 

9. Share Valuable Industry Insights with Team

This sales team competition idea involves seeking out new information or optimizing technology to gain valuable industry insights.

You can assign each team member to research new trends and market developments regularly along with competitive analysis, and each team will share it in a group. A reward will be given to those who constantly share valuable insights with the team. This sales idea will help your sales team to become equipped with the latest industry trends.

10. Think about Social Selling

Generating sales through social media has become increasingly important. You can motivate your sales team to develop creative tips and strategies to engage the target audience through running social media campaigns, contests, sharing product videos, or live hosting. 

For example, each team member can be assigned to specific social media platforms and they have to generate the highest number of leads through their particular account. Creating well-crafted content, running ad campaigns or live streaming, etc can be conducted on social media channels. 

11. Generate Referral Rumble from Existing Customers

Implement ideas for testamenting the quality of your products and services by generating referrals from existing customers—one of the valuable ideas for high-quality leads and conversions. 

Set predetermined targets for the number of referrals each salesperson should generate within some period. Different levels or tiers of rewards for reaching referral milestones can be organized to make it more interesting. Thus, expanding your customer base through the power of word-of-mouth recommendations. 

12. Try to Close Deals in Less Time

You know time is of the essence in the sales life and closing deals quickly can be like a cherry on the cake. Set time for each different stage of the sales process, such as initial contact, needs analysis, proposal pitch, and finally, the negotiation. 

Closing deals in less time can give your sales team a competitive edge. Adopt strategies like efficient lead qualification and proactive follow-ups. Try to drive a sense of urgency and provide your customers with timely solutions when they are required. 

13. Execute the most Email Campaign Extravaganza

Do you want to drive better results?

Supercharge your sales competition with email marketing efforts and boost customer engagement. You must think strategically by leveraging personalized approaches, compelling subject lines, and eye-catching visuals. Executing email campaign extravaganza will foster a data-driven mindset. 

For example, you can divide the sales team and assign each of them a specific product/service line that will be executed through running email campaigns to reach their designed audiences. 

You can even set metrics such as response rates, conversion rates, or pipeline growth to track the progress of your email campaigns. 

14. Made up your Mind for Indulging Sales Poker Game

It is one of the most engaging ideas that adds elements of skills, strategy, and friendly rivalry toward your sales team’s target. The sales poker game motivates your sales reps to excel toward achieving their desired goals and targets. 

Each team member can be allotted some specific set of targets or objectives that represent the “bet” in the game. Winner one will win the pot and collect those rewards once they successfully achieve their objectives. This sales competition idea indulges a sense of camaraderie and fosters healthy competition. 

15. Turn Rejections into a win-win Game

It’s time to transform rejection into a positive experience. Implement a unique sales team competition by encouraging your team to learn from them and find alternative solutions.

For example, you can set a specific time frame like within a week or month, sales reps have to collect and review all previous rejections as possible and turn them into win-win situations i.e. successful outcomes. 

By performing this challenge, your sales team can develop resilience and turn rejections into valuable learning opportunities. 


Striking a balance between healthy competition and team collaboration is the key to a positive working environment. So, why not try out these above sales ideas? Keep driving better results for your business by implementing sales team competition ideas and taking your sales team to the next level.