7 Sales Pitch Examples to Ramp up Your Closing Rates

Sales Pitch Examples to Ramp up Your Closing Rates

Do you want to craft your own sales pitch to help you close the sale?

It can be challenging to develop an effective sales pitch, and previously to help you, we have come up with 7 sales pitch examples that will surely help you get that contract. Before we jump right to the examples, let’s learn more about a sales pitch.

What Is A Sales Pitch?

You need a sales pitch to communicate your intent to a prospective customer. A sales pitch is a sales message presentation where you can pitch the idea or product you want to sell. In this sales pitch, you need to discuss why customers should invest their money in your solutions. A sales pitch needs to be short and engaging so you can keep your audience’s attention and give them ample reasons as to what you offer will benefit them or their business.

A sales pitch can be a hit or a miss; since your goal is to make as many sales as possible, you need to ensure that your pitch is perfect. It should be convincing enough for the target audience to decide in your favour.

Let’s take a look at some sales pitch examples and what you can learn from them to improve your sales:

Top 7 Sales Pitch Examples for Higher Closing Rate.

These 7 sales pitch examples will help you learn important tips that you can use to increase sales:

Example #1 -Start With A Question

The primary purpose of a sales pitch is to grab the target audience’s attention. When you try to include hard facts in your pitch right away, it may not amount to much, and there is a possibility that you don’t immediately grab the attention of your audience. For instance, if you start the pitch by giving details of your company and your position at the company, you are not immediately solving the customer’s problem.

Instead of throwing chunks of information at the prospective customer, it is always better to start with a question. When you start with a question, you will propel the customer to answer it, which can be a great start to dialogue. You can use several techniques to elicit a response from your prospective client, such as assuming they do not have the problem and are doing better than most companies.


You can start the pitch with something like this:

“You’re probably made more than 50% of your total profit this year, right?”

Example #2 -Refer To Previous Conversation

You may have spoken to the prospective customer previously. Therefore, you don’t need to bother going over the details again. Avoid talking about yourself and the solution you offer. Instead, you can refer back to the conversation you had previously. You can use that connection to tell them that you are aware of their problem and have a solution that can fix everything.

You can start the pitch by giving details of the last conversation, such as the date and the time. Then you can use any tidbit from that conversation to carry on. For instance, if the prospective client has told you about the expansion they are starting soon, then you can use that and ask them how it is going.


“Hi, Amber,

I’m glad we had conservation over the call last week. I went over the proposals you sent right after and keeping them in mind, I think I have some great solutions that you might want to take a look at. Let me know whenever you are available so we can set up a meeting.

Thank You

Example #3 -Let Your Benefits Shine Through

The prospective customers are not interested in the features your business offers; instead, they are more interested in how those features can provide the solutions they are looking for. This is why, when writing your sales pitch, you must let your benefits be the star of the show.

Be sure that your pitch is specific to the business and what benefits are limited to them. For instance, if you are selling a service that helps your prospective customer connect with their target audience, then you can mention that with the help of your business, they will be able to increase their customer base.


“Using our products will help you get to target the right audience at the right place. We have an integrated system that highlights you to the masses.”

Example #4 -Short And Sweet

Do not add any unnecessary information to your sales pitches. Details that don’t add much value to the customers will only bore them. The sales pitch needs to be very engaging and effective. This is why you must avoid going to the lengths of your services and focus on features or benefits specific to the prospective customer you are talking to. Get to the point as quickly as you can so that your audience can get an answer to their problem right away!


“Lose weight, Not your mind!”

Example #5 -Give Stats

Many sales pitches make empty promises, making customers develop trust issues regarding sales persons and their sales pitches. Instead of making big claims, you should back your claims with stats. These stats can be general for the customers or specific for your company. The stats will help customers believe that you have done your research and come up with plausible solutions.

The most important thing is to be as specific as you possibly can.


“Do you know 65% of the U.S. population suffers from obesity? No need to worry if you are one of them. You can shed the extra inches off in no time with our help.”

Example #6-Story time!

If time permits, you shouldn’t shy away from a good story in your sales pitch. Create a story showing your customers how the solutions you offer benefit customers, much like the one you are talking to now. Try to make your story as engaging and persuasive as possible.


“I have personally used the product and found it to be very effective in my weight loss journey; you won’t believe I lost more than 20 pounds.”

Examples #7 -Talk To them

The sales pitch should not sound like a speech you have prepared and delivered several times. Instead, it should feel more like a two-sided conversation. You should be able to engage your audience and push them to contribute to the conversation.

You can impress the prospective client by saying something that catches them off guard and piques their interest in what you have to say and what solution you present. Be specific in your answers so the customer can tell you know what you are talking about.


“We understand delayed responses are frustrating and we won’t let you wait. Get in touch with us now and share your concerns. We would provide you with the best solution.”

Keep these tips and examples in mind, as they will significantly help you with your sales pitch!