How Robo Calls works for Voice Broadcasting?


Political candidates in all parties are using theft calls in the U.S., 527 non-profit organizations, churches, unions and citizens. Calls made for political purposes are exempt from the FTC Do Not Call Registry. Robo calls for political purposes still must comply with FEC regulations. (FCC) regulations prohibit telemarketers use is to call phone numbers auto dialer. Automated calls a name or political organizations are allowed at the federal, state standards vary by state.

Political campaigns and telemarketing groups using the automated, computerized dialer theft is as an alternative to direct mail and phone banks that are very expensive, very time consuming and requires a lot of staff. But with automated calls-theft calls a campaign or organization could take a pre-recorded message, record a voice message with the candidate, another candidate, or the person promoting them, the candidate will have a calling list or buy a list of numbers phone. The phone numbers dialed are a specific database, the candidate may choose from a list of registered voters, filtered by the party or even if the person previously voted. The cost of Robo calls are in the 5 cents per call and cost of the data is 4-7 cents per record based on the filter criteria.

The campaigns have the option of using a different message for theft calls, a message for calls to voicemail, another if the person picks up the phone (which is considered a living person’s Voice broadcasting are able marker detect, whether a call is a live or an answering machine. campaigns or nonprofit groups receive voice full dissemination of reports and the disposition of each call. finding stolen phone companies simply Google called stealing and there are many companies that offer the service.

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