The Rise of Call Blocker: Ringless Voicemail a new Dawn

The Rise of Call Blocker a Ringless Voicemail a new Dawn

70% of the business executives say that they do not pick up calls where they have to face unexpected questions and waste their time.

Call Blockers

If you still happen to be in the dark then hear this out, the rise of Call Blockers have shrunk down the business of telemarketers by more than 50%. In other words, your telemarketing calls have not been answered by the real human but reel humans, which turns out to be the one blocking the incoming calls or answering itself to prevent telemarketers from reaching the humans. Its mission is to waste the talk time of the telemarketers and make them taste their own medicine.

Nearly 85% of customer retention calls never reach a live person.

Thus, Robocalls are under the avalanche of competition, where they have gone down the drain due to Call Blockers. It is programmed to block any number on Global Block List of Spam Numbers, which is continuously being updated and modified to create hindrance in the broader array of Call Blockers. It works in the app block list for blocking any number on the list.

They use answer bots with pre-recorded audio files which are played at the back to spam the telecallers and make them believe they are interacting with the human on the other hand of the call.

The niche behind this is to slap the Robocalls with the Call Blockers. They make Robocalls a flash in the pan while keeping them on the phone for long hours and making their efforts go into vain. This not only makes it expensive but also less profitable with their campaign strategies.

There are many Call Blockers available in the market like AT&T Call Protect, Hiya, Truecaller and many more to prevent the auto dialers from connecting calls and delivering your messages.

They smartly narrow down the possibility of talking to the real human and intercept the request that it neither rings the call nor enters into voicemail and manoeuvre by their pre-recorded bots.

Robokiller has the caliber to stop the calls upto 85% in the very first month of the usage.

Robokiller tools

Telemarketers should get off the ground and strategize their grudges by using the telemarketing services wisely to avoid being spammed. Moreover, we suggest why not try Ringless Voicemail (RVM) as a first approach to reach out audience and when it gets successful in triggering their interest once they call back, then try telecall for direct and quick response.This not only apprehends you to use multiple approaches of outreaching the precise audience but also gives a real push to your comprehensive approach and provide a successful result of all telemarketing methods.

You would be wondering, out of the blue,

How is this Direct-to-Voicemail going to ride the paddles for your LeadsGen campaigns?

RVM is an integrated approach of leaving your message to your targeted audience. It doesn’t require you to call them and need them to answer their phone. All it needs is, to record a message and send them to the mass. It directly enters into the customers’ voicemail box, bypassing the calling and ringing part over the phone. It not only helps you to create customer engagement but also convert cold leads into hot.

Once you catch the right fish, which is Ringless Voicemail, you must spot several advantages right away:

  • Ringless Voicemail does not interrupt the recipient, regardless of the day or time it’s being delivered
  • It enables the receiver to listen to them at their convenience
  • Reaching directly to voicemail is cost-effective as Call Blockers cannot waste the minutes
  • Your marketing strategy can have a higher return on a call with a consistent increase upto 11%, significantly.
  • It provides a better acceptance rate at it allows the facility of callback service and reach you directly.

Responding with resolution in telemarketing world is like breaking new paths today. Shifting to Ringless Voicemail Service from Call Blockers is not a compromise but a blessing in disguise.

In a nutshell, Robocalls and Ringless Voicemail Drops are the paradox of choices, but RVM is the tactical solution to fire the flames of your telemarketing business. Keep your eye on the ball and make the right move with RVM.

Today, the best method to reach the audience and take the follow-up is using the ringless voicemail. That not only makes your targeted people remind your offers but also give them the incentive to call you back.

We at LeadsRain, help you drive the crowd to maneuver the efforts of direct marketing and skyrocket the technique of sending voicemail. We help you achieve revenue growth with increased productivity and ROI by dropping short and simple ringless voicemails. We integrate the comprehensive approach of RVM to save time.