How Ringless Voicemail Can Help a Salesman Close on a Rainy Day

Are you fed up with your leads finding a way out of your marketing funnel? Who even brought DNC and Ad Blockers anyway, right? Well, you’re wrong if you think of it that way.

Honestly, if your leads DNC your calls, its because your ads are worth not looking at. Sorry to be harsh, but since when has the truth been an easy pill to swallow?

In this blog, I will discuss how your sales approach can be changed to avoid being victimized on those rainy days.

To start off, you need to understand why precisely the leads avoid your message. I will assist you with an example. Imagine that there is a door-to-door salesman with a human sense of humor, no sense of dressing and talks gibberish for all you know.

One weekend, you’re at home, and you plan just to read a thriller, maybe Dean Koontz (you should try his novels if you haven’t). You prepare yourself to start; and let me remind you, the weather is perfect for some good reading, it’s pouring outside. You’re more than excited just to drown yourself in the action of the novel when there’s someone at the door. Why! The shoddy salesman, of course, appearing at the worst possible time!

He’s here to mumble again, this time about some absurd insurance deal.

The salesman offers to bring the soggy presence indoors to avoid the rain. What would your immediate reaction be? Think about it for a minute. I wouldn’t be surprised if you slammed the door on his face.

when the customer

There couldn’t possibly be an example that perfectly imagines the situation of a rainy day for a salesman. When the customer is more skeptical towards the salesperson that he is comfortable listening to them, there is only a very minute window of opportunity to make the sales go through. Every situation has a different opportunity window, and in this case, it’s probably as good as a rat-hole. Is it possible to make sales in this situation? Most definitely yes, if the salesman does what we ask him to.

The ringless voicemail was created for this purpose. To make the situation less problematic for both the salesman and the lead. He must opt to be like a counselor, someone who is to make the environment comfortable for the client. Adopt ringlessness with LeadsRain and achieve the best ringless experience to close the deals.

Here I have answered the “WHAT” of the question. The next section will be talking about the “WHY” aspect of the topic.

Why are rainy days inevitable?

You should be allowed to read whenever you feel like, whenever you have the time to, and whatever you want to (please try Velocity by Dean Koontz), without being derailed from your choices due to corporate objectives. This is an established fact, and this is why rainy days are inevitable. With LeadsRain Ringless Voicemail service, and the above mentioned module, the process of delivering your message is equivalent to the salesman waiting outside your door, in the pouring rain, until you finish reading your book, no matter how long it takes, before you can find time to open the door, feel comfortable in being talked to, so he can try to sell you the insurance deal.

From the standpoint of the salesman, your customer will be comfortable with the approach made by you, in offering convenience to them while advertising. Now you do not have to counter the ad-blocker software with a requisite to stop it.

A subtle placement of the ad can do the job for you. This will help build a clientele that is attracted towards your business when they are ready to be “all ears” for your message. LeadsRain recommends a non-intrusive approach to your marketing campaigns due to its quality response.

The campaigns offer a much better ROI

In the end, you will open the door only when you are done with all the reading and other necessary activities. And it is when you open that door, that “all the world’s a stage” for that sorry salesman, who has a much higher chance of selling the insurance deal to you.

The non-intrusive technology is truly the desired choice for marketing today. The campaigns offer a much better ROI than earlier seen, and the statistics have consistently been in favor of a non-intrusive technology. In the direct marketing field, LeadsRain is seen to provide the best quality of non-intrusive technology with its ringless-ness agenda. We are strong believers in providing privacy because it is only once the customer is done with all his work, will he be ready to listen to what you have to offer.

Why Non-Intrusive?

If there was some way to block him from coming to you again, would you not take that up? For the marketing executives out there, this is the primary issue being faced. But the real problem lies in the invasive nature of advertisements that intrude the smoothness of any activity. Today we see ads being a hindrance to the experience that a platform has to provide. Certainly so is the case on direct marketing platforms. If only there were a way through which you could read your thriller novel and be introduced to the t-shirt at the same time. If only the personality introducing the product to you does not make you so skeptical about it.

A non-intrusive marketing technology,

This is where the non-intrusive technology finds a place among hot leads. Bringing clients to your business is a primordial purpose of existence. And the best practice is to make them feel the need for your product without your presence is too much for them. A non-intrusive technology has become the trend since it avoids creating an urgency among the customers; breaking the delightfully smooth experience of a platform. This technology makes advertising no different from a phantom ad. What I mean by this is, that a non-intrusive marketing technology, as provided in our Ringless Voicemail service, lets people continue with their day-to-day tasks without interrupting them, or asking for attention. The silence of an ad campaign today is what is appreciated and anticipated.

With RVM Services

In the aforementioned scenario, if the intrusive salesman was causing an undelightful experience in you, through his history of unqualified behavior, and at that point, affecting your weekly opportunity at getting some relaxation out of the time you have, the salesman has failed miserably, by doing every possible wrong in the field. All of them include intrusion.

With Ringless voicemail services, we take away that “liberty” of ad campaigns from intruding into people’s phones, and with it, their lives, when they are not called for. With a ringless-ness philosophy, the service looks to present your message only when it is asked for. This results in an instant appreciation for the service and the businesses running Ringless Voicemail campaigns. This not only proves that people prefer a non-intrusive technology, but also that a non-intrusive platform seems to serve a better purpose in marketing today than the ones that intrude.

Here is a look at how Ringless-ness is achieved.

Achieving Ringless-ness

While in the digital marketing field, a non-intrusive technology is not complicated to find, but in a direct marketing world, to be able to attain silent marketing was a difficult task. Nonetheless, we at LeadsRain have made it possible for you to read the thriller novel on the weekend without being disturbed by an insurance deal. It wasn’t easy to achieve the ringless-ness in the voicemail service, but doing so, has brought a new era in direct marketing. Here’s how we did it:

Achieving Ringless-ness

Here is more on our apex marketing technique for instant sign-up purposes. Feel free to pour in your ideas, suggestions or questions at Adopt ringless-ness. It’s simply better.