RevShare is the buzzword at LeadsCon 2018!

Hey folks, we are coming to LeadsCon March of 2018, and we couldn’t be more excited to be in Las Vegas for it. We’ve been attending LeadsCon for three years now, and it never fails to enlighten us with inspiring path-breaking ideas.

Every LeadsCon has been a milestone for us, we have attended it to showcase serious developments in our cloud-based marketing suite, in the year 2017 of LeadsCon we showcased our newly made cookieless retargeting platform: Targeto for the first time. 

We come to this LeadsCon this year with a new thought in a visceral sense rather than anything directly related to our products and services. To talk about a better way to do business in the current market economy.

With major online retailers like eBay, Amazon, and ShareASale profusely using and growing with revenue sharing. We can rightly say that RevShare has revolutionized the digital market. Along with that major websites like Infobarrel, Hubpages, Squidoo practicing revenue sharing with writers, advertisers and designers has been an inspiring force for us and also a very articulated affirmation.

Rev share model transcends the current traditional relationship and gives people the value they deserve it is just and makes the most sense to any sane mind. Using revenue sharing as a business strategy can prove to be much more cost-effective and provide more leads as compared to other traditional marketing efforts as it brings along experts from varied fields under one umbrella.

Rev share creates a stronger incentive for affiliates and associates to pour more business into the enterprise since everyone partakes in a portion of the revenue that is generated by the business.

As a cloud-based marketing suite provider, we are all in to have the best in their respective fields to come along and grow with us. We believe that revenue sharing with freelancers, data vendors, marketers, etc. can result in a mutually nurturing relationship that could not be possible otherwise, isn’t that what performance marketing all about?

To keep the people driven and gain the profits and incentives just the kind they deserve.

Whether one owns stock in a company or works hard to make a brand of his product or service, revenue sharing is a benefit for all parties involved. Sharing revenue is essential to the growth of freelance bloggers, freelance graphic designers, professional ad agencies, independent sales organizations and lead-gen companies and even the governments with interest in their nation’s stock exchange(s). In whatever form generated revenue is invested, paid out or shared, the profits are shared equally, just the way it should be. Profit is important in measuring success, and sharing that profit in the right way and at the right time helps to create and perpetuate a cycle of benefits for marketers and businesses alike, thus creating a win-win situation for all.

So that’s our point of view, and we think rev share is rightly the buzzword for this year’s LeadsCon and we would surely like to know what you think about it too, see you at LeadsCon.