How Cloud-Based Dialer can Revitalize Your Business in 2022

Revolutionize Your Lead Generation with Cloud based dialer

Today’s savvy business owners are adding new, AI-assisted tech to their tool kits: the cloud-based dialer. Cloud-based auto dialers allow you to effortlessly manage your lead generation system while keeping your agents productive.

A modern Cloud Based dialer is an advanced type of software that attempts to maximize the amount of time your team spends speaking to leads. For instance, an autodialer might use machine learning algorithms to predict when an agent will be available to make the next call. This keeps the agent productive and saves them the trouble of dialing the next number. An auto dialer might have features that make it more likely that an agent will reach a human instead of voicemail.

A cloud-based predictive dialer takes this innovation a step further by hosting your data on a remote server. This has several benefits, such as:

CRM Software Integration: Some dialers can integrate with leading CRM software, allowing agents quick access to the lead’s data.

More flexible: The software publisher can update their software at any time, providing new features and bug fixes.

Efficiency: These dialers can automatically run through your telephone number database and make calls for your agent, saving them time and frustration. For maximum efficiency, some systems even allow call blending. This is an advanced technique that utilizes both inbound and outbound lines via an Automated Call Distribution System.

As you can see, a cloud-based dialer offers a feature-rich, scalable solution. They’re designed with the business owner in mind first and foremost. These systems are built from the ground up to be intuitive and to offer you all the power routing options you need. In addition, a robust system will provide you with:

Smart routing: A good cloud-based auto dialer comes with multi-channel routing capabilities. Customers are put in touch with the right agent at the right time.

Easy setup: Unlike legacy systems, cloud-based systems are simple and easy to use. Focus on running your business, not on VoIP or telecommunications technologies.

Flexibility: A stellar Cloud Predictive dialer will give you access to a powerful administrative interface. From there, you can change settings on the fly. This allows you to experiment with new routing strategies.

Speed: Powerful machine learning algorithms identify the best agent to take the call in a flash. This supercharges your customer service.

Most modern companies now use the cloud-based systems described above. Shouldn’t you?

Indeed, older systems, known as ‘on-premise dialers,’ come with severe downsides.

Here are but a few:

High implementation costs

• Delays

• Complicated, unintuitive integrations

Common Issues When Choosing a Cloud-Based Dialer

Many business owners come to the conclusion that these newer cloud-based systems are superior. Unfortunately, they rush into a buying decision—and sometimes, they come away with buyer’s remorse. However, avoiding this is relatively easy. You have to know what to watch out for. In this section, we’ll give you the skinny so you can make a confident choice right out of the gate.

Below are three mistakes to avoid.

#1 Using an On-Premise Dialer That’s Pretending to be Cloud-Based

Sometimes, a VoIP dialer vendor will claim that their solution is cloud-based, but it really isn’t. Their solution still lives on your machine, and though it might connect to some server every now and then, it may or may not be backing your data up.

Always confirm that your solution connects to a remote server that offers an administrative portal. From there, you should be able to change routing settings, download your lead gen data, etc. If the product “connects” but nothing happens, beware. These pseudo-cloud-based systems still depend on your local hard drive. So if your computer crashes, you might lose data.

#2 Choosing a Dialer That Uses Antiquated Software

Of equal importance is the software. All auto-dialers come with software that’s supposed to help you tweak routing settings. A good rule of thumb, though: if this software looks like it was made in the era of Windows 95, it probably was.

Outdated software will not be able to keep up with the demands of modern computers. Nor will it keep pace with modern Internet speeds. There’s a good chance it won’t even be able to communicate with modern telecommunications devices.

In this case, you do want to judge a book by its cover. Your auto dialer should come with smooth, sleek, functional software that lets you change routing settings on the fly with ease. Check the brochure for screenshots of the software in action.

#3 Limited Lines Available

If the system you’re considering can only handle a few lines at a time, this may be a sign that it’s not as robust as it seems. A good, modern cloud-based system should be able to handle several simultaneous connections with ease. After all, that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Many business owners allow themselves to be swayed by a low price. But with that lower price comes limited functionality that can cost you more in the long run. Dropped calls, missed opportunities, and annoyed customers all add up to lost profits.

Top Features to Look For

Finally, let’s take a moment to spell out what you should look for in one of these powerful, modern systems. Here is what every good cloud-based dialer will provide you with.

#1 Compatibility & Integrations

A good Cloud-based dialer will integrate well with your current computer ecosystem. It should play nicely with your other lead generation tools. If you have to run it in an emulator or do anything special to get it to work on your existing hardware, think twice.

#2 Scalability

One of the main advantages of off-loading your processing to a cloud-based system is the scalability such a solution offers. To consider it a proper upgrade, especially if moving from a legacy on-site system, the new system should handle more outbound calls than ever before. You should also enjoy a sharp increase in the number of agents who can use it simultaneously. 20-30 is ideal in most circumstances.

#3 Versatility

A powerful, modern system should offer you a lot more than predictive dialing. A modern system should provide you with comprehensive reporting such as campaign KPI, agent productivity, and detailed data on all calls made. What’s more, a good Cloud-based dialer should ensure legal compliance at all times.

Wrapping it up

There you have it, folks. The reasons to switch to a more modern auto dialer are many. But beware of half-baked solutions that only appear to be cloud-based. Consult the list of must-have features above when considering a new solution, too. Don’t settle for less. For business may depend on it.