How To Resurrect Dead Leads?

How To Resurrect Dead Leads


Well all the people working with a sales force or are in inside sales, have this one omniscient problem, which is a huge dusty pile of prospects that failed or rather we failed them to build a live working relationship with them.

This failing in converting them to your customer could have been because of many reasons like, the prospect not initiating in making contact with the salespeople in the first place, a sales rep failing to engage them, lack of humaneness in communication and other sister reasons.  

Now the problem is not in the obvious fact that everyone is going to end up with a dead cold CRM list of prospective leads, but how many of them happen to do something with it.

According to a survey by Act-On, as much as 80% of the dead leads can be converted to nurturing leads and then customers through efforts made creatively and intellectually.  

Here are some of the tips we use at Leadsrain that can help you bake life into some of your dead leads.

Pin the Pain Point

Dive head on into the problem, fragment it dissect it or throw light over its entire expanse to find the points that pain them. With our personal experience, we’d give you one generic advice to reduce the pain points or better yet not create them in the first place.

The very first time a prospective customer land onto the sales force portal, the sales rep should make sure, to not rely too heavily on the sales/IT engineers.

Have the technical team along and use it with humanness, otherwise the meet would become product centric. The customers do need a detailed product manual, but they want in the form of an enlightening conversation.

This will open up a space between the two parties, making the sales rep able to identify all the pain points to solve, and not let the customer clog in the CRM dead list.

Hawk-eye the Graphs they Plot

Comb through the existing dead leads list and filter out the leads in order to know whom to reach out first. Through social media posts, blogs, newsletters, and company reports

One can keep oneself up to date with the now prospective lead’s company.

Events like hiring of new executives, a new branch coming up, moving from one location to another or any ebb and tide in their business, the sales rep can reach out to them sending a little mail with a congratulatory note, following with the question regarding if they are in need of any of the services one provides.

This would make them feel that they are held important and also may conduce into a seller – customer relationship, that which was once hopeless.

Close with Closure-giving Content

Now that you are aware of the pain point of the prospects personally and know the background of the growth in your relationship; re-engage with them with a specific content. This specific content should be moulded according to the needs of the prospect.

This is the most important part, elucidate to these reluctant customers that how one has tried to resolve the problems they had every time using the same services, regardless the service providers. To entice them to the product, sell to them the experience rather than the product itself. Moreover, affirm the solutions of their doubts more than once. Make the aim of a sales force’s telemarketing sales script or any other content, to be crisp and engaging.

Douse in Humor once in awhile

So what if we are dealing with bits and bots and speak only in 0 and 1, one can always sprinkle some humor to add more color in the online conversations. This pays a lot in re engaging a customer.

In Yesware’s blog  it insinuates how if humor can be a part of sales, it can be a part of anything.

Here’s the template..

Hey Tim,

I haven’t heard back from you and that tells me one of three things:

You’ve already chosen a different for this, and if that’s the case please let me know so I can stop bothering you.

You’re still interested but haven’t had the time to get back to me yet.

You’ve fallen and can’t get up–in that case let me know and I’ll call 911.

Please let me know which one it is because I’m starting to worry… Thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing from you.

And mind you, this had a 50% response rate.

Simply make them feel warm

The salesforce team has the data from Google Analytics and also other information through social media, posts etc, with this send them messages that are in relevance with the prospective lead’s current attributes.

One can use attractive catch-phrases and lines to re-engage the cold deals. Some examples are.

We’ve missed you!


We’re still waiting for you to respond

Hello, is anyone there?

Say something, I’m giving up on you

Their name!

Deals only for you

Do you remember us? We do!

(All of these in one line look like the texts of a hyper sensitive, overly attached teenager, but we all know they all are not to be send consequently one after the other, without any time interval)

Kill Two Birds With One Stone(Note that we are all for animal safety and intend to promote harm to none, with this title)

One of the best ways to regain a customer, without even a hint of annoyance is when one’s company has introduced a new feature or made a new update. Post blogs, send newsletters and Emails to promote the feature or any update and why it has been introduced.

This will give any sales representative a genuine reason to reach out to the dormant leads. The sales rep can ask them if they are in the need for the feature or the update, explain to them what it is and how it can help them or their company. This is the most effective way to generate organic leads from the dead ones.

Find a Different Route

In corporate buying and selling its always preferred one or more than one party signing the deal off. So, instead of being despondent over the dead itemised list, one can reach out the work colleague of the cold lead. Here’s an example for the same


This is Kevin here,

We have had made a contact with Mill once about our Ringless Voicemail services, but then we couldn’t reach him again, we suppose he must be busy. Also according to his input data, we’d figure that you’re in the same company as him. We just wanted to know if you were interested in any of our services too. Check out the services in our website

Revert back if you’re interested at 844-ON-CLOUD

One can also reach out to senior authorities that have a greater decision power in the company.

I hope that you may have learned something of value from this compilation! Good luck and a good day!