Republicans take a stand for Ringless Voicemail

RVM Petition


To all the businesses, marketing agencies and customer support center owners, we have some good news for you!

The Republican National Committee (RNC) filed a public comment supporting a proposal currently awaiting judgment by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). You can find the official comment by the RNC here.

This petition filed in March by the marketing firm All About the Message LLC (AATM) would allow private companies and political organizations to drop automated messages directly to customers’ voicemail box without even ringing their cellphones.

If the FCC rules in favor of AATM, the proposal would put “Ringless Voicemail” technology in the driver’s seat, clearing the way for telemarketers and political organizations to drop voicemail messages regarding their products, services, and candidates for office.

RVM uses a technology that permits a voice message to go directly to customers’ voicemail box via a server-to-server communication with customers’ voicemail carrier. This means that the phone owners will not receive a call but a voicemail notification instead.

It will be a game changer for businesses as they will be able to expand the number of customers they can reach out with a lot of ease. Debt collectors and loan agencies are using this technology since 2015.

The RNC asserts that Ringless Voicemail is a “win-win” for callers and their intended recipients by describing the use of Direct-to-Voicemail messages as a way to help organizations “engage in normal, expected and desired communications.”

Last we heard, the FCC has called for public comment on the Ringless Voicemail petition, put forth by the marketing firm AATM, with replies due by June 2, 2017. So all businesses, please feel free to express your views to FCC.